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New York City just banned discrimination based on hairstyles

Now employers, schools and clubs that discriminate against natural hair and styles like afros, cornrows and dreadlocks can get a $250,000 fine.

How old are you? Here’s how the new tax law will affect you

A look at how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affects children, teens, 20-somethings, and people in their 50s, 60s and 70s.

Want to be a day trader? Read this first

Smart tax strategies for active day traders.

How much ginger is there in America’s best-selling ginger ale?

The truth may shock you.

Stanford University researchers say where you live can also help you live longer

Access to local services can make a big difference to your long-term health.

How much should you tip housekeeping when you’re away from home?

This woman stays in a serviced apartment in Hawaii with her husband and doesn’t know how to divide her tips.

Southerners are America’s champion TV watchers and Midwesterners work the most

Regional differences remain in how we spend our time despite the increased homogenization of America.

Your cable company may soon be forced to be more transparent about your bill

Two Democratic lawmakers introduced a bill this month that would require phone, cable and internet providers to include all charges in advertised prices.

Here’s the worst mistake people make that compromises their online security

Almost everyone online has engaged in this risky behavior.

A staggering number of Americans now say they may miss a credit card payment this year

“This indicates that cracks in the foundation of consumers’ finances are beginning to show,” WalletHub reveals.

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Trump Today: President hints at extending trade deadline with China and denies he tried to interfere in hush-money investigation

President Donald Trump on Tuesday again suggested he could extend a trade-deal deadline with China, as he denied interfering in an investigation involving hush-money payments.

Trump policies are causing world to look to get around U.S. sanctions, ex-Treasury Secretary Lew says

Former Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said Tuesday there is a lot of energy being devoted to finding ways around U.S. economic sanctions.

Walmart isn’t seeing the consumer downturn that the December retail sales collapse suggested

The December retail sales numbers from the government may have panicked financial markets, but the largest U.S. retailer isn’t sweating things.

A shocking number of Americans flunk this citizenship test — can you do better?

Americans, for the most part, are trash when it comes to history. According to a survey conducted by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, only about 40% of the 41,000 Americans polled passed a test of basic U.S. history pulled from questions asked of those applying for citizenship.

Home builder confidence jumps in February to four-month high

A measure of home builder sentiment jumped much more than expected, another signal that the 2018 slowdown in housing may have been temporary.

What Elizabeth Warren is promising in her ‘Universal Child Care’ plan — and how she’ll fund it

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren rolls out a plan that promises to make child care more affordable, as she aims to address a major pocketbook issue for American parents.

Mike Pence has inserted religious considerations into setting of foreign-policy priorities

In the first two years of the Trump presidency, Vice President Mike Pence has worked to put religion at the heart of key diplomatic efforts, steering hundreds of millions in U.S. aid toward Christians and other minorities who were victimized by Islamic State.

Stock investors are swarming emerging markets — here’s why that might be a problem

Investors love emerging markets, but a jump in fund flows offers a warning signal on what fund managers have deemed the world’s most crowded trade.

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