Here are must-read articles from MarketWatch about investing and consumer-finance topics over the past week.

1. Taking the Fed to task

The Federal Open Market Committee this week decided not to lower interest rates. However, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said the case for lowering rates had “strengthened.” Based on an analysis of previous central-bank activity before recessions, Sven Henrich believes that the Fed’s policy will lead to a severe recession.

2. … on the other hand

Heavy insider buying of shares at tech companies signals a strong economy and opportunities for investors.

3. Declining interest rates and dividend stocks

Bond-market yields have declined significantly, which has helped stocks with high dividend yields perform well this year. With interest-rate cuts by the Federal Reserve appearing more likely, this select list of stocks with high dividend yields may come in handy.

4. Is the stock market about to bubble over?

Mark Hulbert argues that believing in the bubble can cost you money.

5. Financial advice for young adults — or maybe for everyone

Don’t go broke simply to drive a nice car.

6. What about that expensive cup of coffee?

This ties into the advice, above, about new-car purchases, which can set one back for many years. But daily purchases of cups of coffee at Starbucks

SBUX, -1.03%

or Dunkin’ Donuts

DNKN, -0.50%

 have also come under fire from purveyors of financial advice. A financial adviser has created a calculator to show how much you would save if you brewed your coffee at home, and the results may surprise you.

7. Slack goes public

Slack Technologies

WORK, -3.63%

 has gone public through a direct listing, not a traditional IPO. Here’s why that is not an easy thing to pull off.

8. Your best retirement destination may be a college town

Southern states aren’t your only choices when factoring in costs and lifestyle.

9. Want wealth? Here’s what to do and what not to do

Sage advice on wealth building and how to create your own pension.

10. A funny-sounding word, interesting concept and possible trend

The word is Flygskam.

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