Fans from Mexico are by far the top international ticket buyers at this year’s Super Bowl, snapping up nearly half the tickets sold to non-U.S. buyers for America’s biggest sporting event.

That’s according to data from Ticketmaster

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  on the growing global ticket market for the NFL championship.

International buyers account for 12.6% of Ticketmaster’s sales to this Sunday’s game between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams, up from 9.8% for last year’s face-off between the Pats and the Philadelphia Eagles.

40.5% of all worldwide buyers are based in Mexico, according to data Ticketmaster shared with MarketWatch on Friday. Brazilian buyers are a distant second, making up 16.2% of the global purchases, according to the company, which is the official ticketing partner with the NFL.

The tension between President Donald Trump’s administration and the Mexican government — over issues like the building of a southern border wall, a debate that recently caused a 35-day federal government shutdown — doesn’t seem to be phasing Mexican buyers, who are paying big money for the big game.

Mexican ticket buyers paid the top price among international purchasers, figures showed. Their average ticket sale was $6,171 while Brazilian buyers spent just over $5,000 on average.

Data from Stubhub, the live events ticket retailer owned by eBay Inc

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 , also showed Mexican fans at the top for international buyers. After purchases from American fans, Mexican buyers accounted for 2.97% of total purchases through StubHub. Canada was second, with 1.67% of the sales. Brazilian buyers came in third, with .60% of the purchases.

Super Bowls have long attracted football fans from across the country. Today those fans are increasingly coming from all over the world too. And it makes sense that a Rams Super Bowl would attract south-of-the-border fans; their home stadium the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is only about 150 miles from Tijuana.

“There are sports and music fans across the globe and interest in live events continues to grow, and we’re seeing the results of that at this year’s Super Bowl,” said Greg Economou, chief commercial officer and head of sports at Ticketmaster.

Futbol, or soccer, might by Mexico’s top sport, but football is far from an unknown oddity in the country. Mexico is reportedly one of the NFL’s fastest growing markets and is home to 7.1 million NFL fans, the league has said. Representatives for the NFL could not be immediately reached for comment.

The league has played a number of games in Mexico over the years. The Rams were set to play the Kansas City Chiefs this season in Mexico City, but the NFL moved the game to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum because of field conditions at Azteca Stadium.

Mexican buyers also made up most of last year’s international ticket buyers, but a smaller portion. For last year’s game, they accounted for 33% of the global sales and paid $5,038 on average. Fans from Japan paid top dollar last year, plunking down $7,317 on average.

Though they arguably travel the farthest to see the game, many international fans won’t necessarily have great seats. Over 80% of the Super Bowl LIII international sales are for the 300s section of Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the farthest seats at the domed site, Ticketmaster said.

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