The Virtual Income scam system had such a great video that I decided to use it for this review. The only problem was that they were saying everything opposite to what it should be, but you don’t need to worry, I corrected it all, and you are able to read a full transcript of their video pitch right here, but I have altered it to be more accurate. This is a slightly different review, and I hope you like it, or that you are at least entertained by it!

Virtual Income scam system

Unlike fraud sites that don’t reveal this, we would like to mention something. Regardless which link or site you use to enroll in this solution, somebody could receive a compensation fee. That includes links on this website. Our register web links can be relied on, due to the fact that they are behind SSL HTTPS security, so you can be sure of the starting point.

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Virtual Income Review Summary

Annoying Browser Pop-Ups: Yes
Fake Scarcity Counter: Yes
Paid Actor Testimonials: Yes
Impossible Revenue Gains: Yes
Comes Across As Authentic: No
Convincing Proof of Profits: No
Probability of Being Bogus: 99%
Price: Free. Have to sign up with one of their brokers.
Auto-trading: Yes, full auto-trading

Virtual Income Scam Reversed Script

Most of us know that if it looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t true. I’m here today to introduce you to the Virtual Income scam system that is no exception to that old “rule”, and the bad news is that it has to do with losing money… A LOT OF MONEY.

For an unlucky few individuals watching right now, you’re about to get suckered into the “chance” to get in on this scam opportunity, and yes… YOU will be losing a lot of money with the Virtual Income scam system.

How would you like to be losing profits in the markets like thousands and even TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in trading losses? Consistently, systematically and AUTOMATICALLY day after day, week after week, month after month by using a highly-guarded proprietary set of trading mechanisms that virtually ALWAYS loses money?

“Too bad to be true” you say? Well… think again. If access to a system like that interests you, I’m going to explain how you can get in on it today. But I don’t have to warn you that the opportunity is very limited, so you don’t have to be ready to act fast.

Today, Virtual Income Incorporated is introducing a trading system so ineffective at making profitable trades that many of the so-called “experts” have said that is was impossible to develop, that is was “too bad to be true.” Those “experts” were dead wrong.

Virtual Income scam has done it. And today only, RIGHT NOW, YOU can get FREE ACCESS to it. Why would they do this? Why would Virtual Income give you this ONE TIME opportunity to use and lose money from this crappy piece of technology?

Why would they want to give it away to you like this? It’s simple… Profits. They need YOU to make them a profit and be part of the spoof.

They want YOU to lose and to prove that their lucrative new system does everything they say it will, and make THEM A LOT OF MONEY.

Now, I’m sure many of you have seen videos pitching some wild, one-click money machines or some such nonsense, and you probably told yourself, rightly so, that it was nothing but a scam, a sneaky way to get you to “take the bait” and get “reeled in hook, line and sinker” into some rip-off scheme designed only to extract your hard-earned money.

The next thing you know your credit cards are getting hit with surprise charges. Your bank account is slowly getting drained, and you’re on the phone trying to get out of the so-called, “deal of a lifetime” before it completely wipes you out.

Well, let me assure you that you will only LOSE money with the automatic system Virtual Income scam is giving you here today. A system that invests in stocks, Forex, commodities and other markets, WITHOUT you needing any experience or even any market knowledge! This Virtual Income scam system almost NEVER MAKES MONEY, and remember that your access to the system today is completely FREE if you believe in fairy tales.

Don’t worry, you’re welcome to exit the program anytime you’d like, as long as you leave your money behind. If losing hundreds or thousands or even TENS OF THOUSANDS in losses daily, consistently is not something you’re happy with, then this Virtual Income scam system is not for you.

You’ll be free to quit any time you’d like. I’m fairly certain though that when you see the losses coming into your accounts, and the difference losing money like this can make in your life, I know you’ll be running for the hills to get away from it.

Rather go on a nice, long less expensive vacation somewhere warm and tropical, like staying home with your family.

Virtual Income Incorporated has developed an automatic system, a blazing fast program that trades in stocks and other assets, and it almost never wins. On most trading days it’s lost thousands and even TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in a single day.

During the testing, none of the users have gone on to earn millions of dollars. You won’t see any audited or verified results on the Virtual Income scam page. There’s certainly fraud here. The numbers have not been reviewed or confirmed by certified, independent auditors.

So, I’ll assume that you don’t want to hear more about this FREE scam offer from Virtual Income? You do? Okay then, here’s the deal. Virtual Income is not just a few short months away from going public, from launching their IPO, the Initial Public Offering. It’s all just made up to sound impressive and trick you into signing up.

With the absence of any “buzz” on Wall Street about this system, because no-one there has ever heard of it, the Virtual Income virtual stock prices are expected to shoot up dramatically only in the dreams and imaginations of its creators.

There are no early investors that will make a fortune on the shares, even AFTER they have sucked your accounts dry of substantial amounts during their fake IPO. You’ve heard the saying, “it takes money to make money.” Well, yes, they will take your money, to make them money. They WILL need your money to make money, because that’s what they plan to do.

But please, I don’t want you to worry about that right now. In their short video you’re going to learn how they make more money than you can imagine… WITHOUT anything like making a huge investment in the company’s fake IPO.

For the hundredth time anywhere, the engineers and trading specialists at Virtual Income scam have created a platform, that unsuccessfully automated the analysis of billions of bytes of data at an ultra-high speed. What this means is market data involving possible trades in stocks, Forex, commodities and other assets still cannot be instantly examined for potential trades using their unbelievably weak algorithmic trading platform.

Virtual Trades program is NOT the “edge” that was previously available only to multi-billion dollar investment banks, hedge funds, or wealthy, sophisticated traders. Put simply, YOU are NOT capable of making THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS A DAY in profits instantly and automatically with the new Virtual Income scam platform.

There are no Virtual Income ultra-high speed computers that do the analysis, the buying, the selling or the profiting in the blink of an eye with no input, knowledge or even any previous trading experience required by the user.

Imagine a program capable of placing trades and generating more profit effortlessly than any human could ever do – this is the opposite of that system. THAT is why the Virtual Income Inc IPO is not on the verge of exploding on Wall Street, it simply does not exist.

Current Virtual Income scam users are not enjoying millions of dollars in profits daily. And now, YOU are being invited into this big group of losing traders, to begin losing your own wealth from the automatic losses you’ll see from the Virtual Income scam system.

After witnessing a live demonstration of the Virtual Income scam program, this reviewer wrote: “Incredible. Virtual Income claims that thousands of assets are analyzed quickly, trades entered, both calls and puts, and profits are built up before your eyes. I have not yet seen this level of bull. Virtual Income is the new low that has left other scams “wannabe” systems far behind. It truly left me breathless. Hopefully THIS is not the model of binary options trading for the future. This scam changes nothing. It would not be impossible for a human trader to accomplish the same as what this Virtual Income program is capable of. You could do it with your eyes closed. A building full of experienced traders would be 100 times more profitable in a day of trading compared to what this system does in a month. You would be foolish to start using this Virtual Income platform.”

Needless to say, professional, experienced successful traders all agree that the Virtual Income scam trading platform is going to be a money-loser for all traders involved.

Assuming you DON’T have thousands to waste in their upcoming fake IPO, there IS a way for you to still begin using their Virtual Income scam system and to begin losing money right away. Before I explain how YOU can participate and begin losing money, let me make a couple of points very clear:

First, this activity is perfectly legal. You are allowed to lose as much money as you want. While the system does not involve any “black box” or “insider” information, these profit-losing strategies were previously only available to big banks. Second, you DO NOT need any prior trading experience. In fact, Virtual Income would prefer that you have no experience, because that way it’s easier to take your money from you. The Virtual Income system is completely automatic, everything is going to be done for you.

It completes the analysis, determines the most probable outcomes, enters into the trades, and then makes all the losses for you. There’s not one thing for you to study, not a thing for you to do. Third, you thankfully DO NOT need a substantial amount of starting money to lose. After a small deposit of only $250 to initially fund your trading account, you’re done, they’ve got you hooked. The Virtual Income scam platform begins trading and the losses begin to hit your account almost instantly. And finally, Virtual Income cannot guarantee that anyone will make money using their platform.

In fact, there is NO way that they can be so certain of your profits that they GUARANTEE that within 30 days you’ll be making an average of $2,500 a day in profits. Virtual Income is not going to provide you and your family with the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. But, it’s up to you, the decision is yours and only yours.

You can tell yourself, “too good to be true“… Or you can enter your information on their page and begin to see your first losses in a matter of minutes. Please, think seriously about this, take your time.

Virtual Income Scam Conclusion

Besides the reasons above, you should also note that they claim the system has been making money for people for a year, but when you look at their record, it is clear to see that the site was only created in January 2016. That means that there is no way they could have been making money for subscribers for a year, if they have only been online for less than 3 months.

Virtual Income review

I hope that you enjoyed the “reversed” video script for the Virtual Income scam, and that it has helped you realize that you should stay away from it. It is simply not worth wasting your money on it, and there are many systems that are much better!

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