Some people hit the bar. Others pass the time with the latest Netflix

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 show or catch a little shut-eye. Then there’s one woman in Florida, who took a rather unique approach to dealing with her travel frustrations: She climbed the desk, called the agent a “rapist” and said she had a gun.

The incident took place at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. As you can see in this Instagram post (NSFW language), the passenger was said to be enraged after being stranded for 10 hours due to a flight cancellation.

But the true story, according to JetBlue

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 , is that she was denied boarding for being intoxicated. “The customer in the viral video was scheduled on a flight which did not experience any major delays,” the airline told Yahoo.

Drunken passengers seem to be a favorite of amateur cellphone filmmakers everywhere these days, as these kinds of stories just keep popping up.

Back in October, one guy traveling with his 8-year-old son (also in Florida) was reportedly arrested for disorderly intoxication, resisting and assaulting police. Part of the explosive scene was posted on Twitter

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And before that, a video went viral of two men — one of them apparently an angry, inebriated American — getting into a serious dust-up on a flight scheduled to leave Narita, Japan, for Los Angeles.

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