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United Trading Network Review: Top Social Trading Signals

The United Trading Network is the first platform to truly automate the power of social trading. It not just gives you excellent trading signals, but also the option to participate directly in creating signals. Trading signals from the top performers are pooled and form the basis of the social signals, and if you’re good enough you can become part of that elite group. If you’re a newbie, don’t worry, all you need to do is follow along.

Scam software flood the market every day, and often they all look the same, you will see for yourself that this software is different.

Unlike rip-off sites that don’t reveal this, we would love to mention something. Irrespective of which link or site you utilize to register for this solution, someone could receive a commission. That includes links on this website. Our join web links can be relied on, because they secured by SSL HTTPS security, so you can be certain of the starting point.

This Is Why United Trading Network Is Revolutionary

I’ve never come across a single trading system that caters to three types of traders whether newbie or experienced. With this system you can choose between fast paced action, hourly trades or a longer term approach, while still giving you the option to trade manually or semi-automatic on all.

How is it that some traders seem to effortlessly make money while others hardly break even? What’s the secret?

Here’s my answer:

The trick to winning is to trade with people that win, and I’ll show you how.

It’s the same thing when you walk into a gym the first time, or a yoga class, or your first big meeting at your new job. If you don’t link up and network with the right people from the start, it makes it difficult to get ahead.

If you have no idea what you are doing it’s easy to fail. If you don’t have other successful traders showing you the way, it is easy to feel demoralized and fall into a spiral of losses. How do you fight against that? By uniting together with other traders you can work together to beat the odds. Even if you are a complete novice.

United Trading Network is the only suite of tools created to assist both beginner and advanced traders like you. It allows you to trade side-by-side with experts, win more regularly and dramatically increase your profit potential.

New Millennial Power Team

The United Trading Network software was put together by a very talented young group of millennials that put their collective skills together to come up with a trading platform that pools together the power of social trading. It is like the Facebook of trading, but instead of people coming together to post about themselves, they come together to beat the market.

There are many trading groups on Facebook and even other platforms, but United Trading Network is the first social trading platform to provide an efficient and structured way to capture the collective skills of the best traders in the group. You will be very impressed by how it works.

If a new trader with a talent for picking winning trades emerge from the group, then their signals are automatically added to the top group of traders that “vote” on the direction of the market. Together those votes drive the social trading signals, and that is what makes the United Trading Network so unique and powerful.

Semi-Automated System

This exceptionally simple and revolutionary system let’s you trade however you want. You can let the social trading signals guide you and place manual trades, or choose to go semi-automatic and get proven trade alerts sent right to your tablet, phone or computer.

This means that you can start off on semi-auto trading and move on to manage your own trades directly as you gain experience and confidence.

Training Included

You not only get full access to the trading platform, but the United Trading Network also comes with full training on how to use it so that you know exactly how to use each of the powerful features to your benefit. They even hint at teaching you some secrets the brokers do not want you to know. They also aim to teach you how to avoid costly errors and master the marketplace in their education center.

Pick Your Trading Style

With United Trading Network you not only get the very best of social trading, top signals and a great trading platform, you also get to specify your particular trading style.

Some traders prefer very fast-paced trading with immediate results, others are a bit more cautious while some prefer long-term safe trades.

The great news is that this trading platform you get to pick how you want to trade.

What Can United Trading Network Do For You?

This software presents you with a brand new peer-2-peer trading platform that directly links you up with the professionals. It enables you to easily pick how you want the advanced tools to work for you, whether semi automated or totally automated. It even includes vital video based training lessons to provide traders like you an unfair advantage over your competition

What Will You Find Inside United Trading Network?

You will immediately recognize that this trading platform is in a complete league of it’s own.

United Trading Network’s platform was designed by market professionals committed to revolutionizing the online trading experience, and developing a platform that reduces risk. By choosing the semi-automatic feature you will receive unique trading signals that will notify you of upcoming market trends, and give you low-risk trades with high probability maximum return. This is the perfect feature for anyone planning to have a hands-on experience, or for those looking to get more trading knowledge.

Note: It is very tempting to accept generous bonus specials or managed accounts offered to you by brokers when you sign up, especially when you’re a newbie at trading. From my own experience I can tell you that it would be best if you avoided these type of incentives, especially when you’re just starting out. These sign-up incentives are best utilized by seasoned traders that understand the trade volume requirements that often accompany these offers, along with the complications it creates with the account withdrawal processes. Protection Status