So much for those golden years. Lucky you?

According to a new Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll, almost a quarter of Americans say they have no plans to retire. None. They just don’t feel like they can pull it off. Another quarter of those surveyed say they expect to work beyond 65 years old.

Why? Well, money, or the lack of it, has a lot to do with it.

“The average retirement age that we see in the data has gone up a little bit, but it hasn’t gone up that much,” says Anqi Chen of the Center for Retirement Research. “So people have to live in retirement much longer, and they may not have enough assets to support themselves in retirement.”

While this is surely a scary reality for those nearing that age with an eye to getting out of the grind, Donald Luskin of Trend Macrolytics doesn’t see it that way.

‘What a great country where we have the opportunity to keep working… This is a great blessing! You should embrace it.’

In a chat with Fox Business Network, Luskin went on to blow off the very idea of retiring and heap praise on the notion of endlessly working.

“What do people do when they retire? You know, how do you spend a day?” he said. “I mean, is bowling that interesting? Is fishing that interesting?”

Luskin says he loves his job. “Why do I want to stop it? It’s not like it hurts.” He’s lucky in that way. Not everybody, of course, wants to work until the grave, yet a growing number of Americans feel they’re left with not choice.

About one-third of older adults feel unprepared, while 56% of younger adults say they don’t feel prepared for retirement, according to the poll.

“It is part of your destiny to be productive and to work,” Luskin said, acknowledging that this concept means different things to different people.

Watch the interview:

Luskin took a beating on social media after the interview, getting called out as “an elitist piece of crap” who’s “out of touch” with the common man.

So he responded:

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