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Personal Finance
This is the thing most likely to cause you financial ruin — but few prepare for it

Just in the past year, Americans borrowed an estimated $88 billion to cover health care costs, a new survey finds.

This is what a long, stressful commute could be doing to your unborn baby

Pregnant women who commute 50 miles or more are at risk for adverse birth outcomes, a new study suggests.

One lucrative industry where the gender wage gap is narrowing

However, women’s chances of getting hired for these jobs are still low, a new study suggests.

‘Mansplaining’ away the persistent gap between men and women’s salaries

The government says women are paid less than men, but is the gender pay gap a myth?

Many Americans say they’re comfortable doing business with non-violent ex-cons

The findings could help ease corporate worries that hiring ex-cons is bad for the bottom line.

Before I give my fiancée a $7,000 diamond engagement ring, I want her to promise to bequeath it to my daughter

This man wonders whether it’s a good time to raise the delicate subject of death and diamonds with the woman who is set to become his third wife.

Florida’s first openly autistic lawyer is fighting stereotypes of women with disabilities

Haley Moss talks to MarketWatch ahead of World Autism Awareness Day.

College students of the future could get their career prep from private companies, not universities

The high cost of college means higher education is ripe for innovation, but risks abound.

Where the 2020 candidates stand on student debt and college affordability

Free college and student-loan refinancing will be up for debate during this election cycle.

This is how life changes when you move from the city to the country

One woman talks about leaving one of the most expensive cities in the U.S. to live a more simple life.

Elsewhere on MarketWatch
Why a move to close the Mexican border could backfire for Trump, U.S. economy

The stuttering U.S. economy might suffer a crushing blow, business leaders and other critics contend, if President Trump acts on his threat to shut the border with Mexico to block a rising tide of immigrants.

Retirement legislation with bipartisan support could lift IRA age caps, help small employers

Democratic and Republican lawmakers are pushing to revamp the U.S. retirement system, introducing bills in the House and Senate that would result in a range of changes.

Top Senate Democrat proposes tax on unrealized gains for the wealthy

The top Democrat on the Senate’s tax-writing committee wants to tax long-term investments like other types of income, raising rates and requiring the wealthiest people to pay taxes on their unrealized gains each year.

There are two key reasons to be optimistic about chip stocks

Beyond concerns about global growth and trade disputes, the semiconductor industry looks positive, powered by the Internet of Things, says Janus Henderson’s Denny Fish.

Here’s one way for investors to bet that global economic growth is bottoming out

A pickup in global growth may weigh on the German bond market, says Macquarie.

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