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Personal Finance
Weekend roundup: 5 ways to invest for income when Treasurys yield only 2%

Also, the likelihood of another bitcoin crash and bright prospects for health-care stocks.

Women working through period cramps lose almost 9 days of productivity each year

Some countries now offer paid menstrual leave for women suffering debilitating period pain.

The No. 1 thing to look for when buying sunglasses

Doctors dish on how to pick the best sunglasses to protect your eyes.

There may be a dark side to Summer Fridays

More than half of organizations will let employees leave early or take the day off on Fridays this summer, a new survey shows.

The drugs in your bathroom cabinet could increase your risk of dementia

This is the latest study to draw links between dementia and this class of medications.

Do you want to be CEO? Women face these extra obstacles on their way to the C-suite

Women still only make up 6.6% of Fortune 500 CEOs.

Here’s why America’s $1.5 trillion student-loan crisis has spiralled out of control

Financial-education curricula were developed during a time when most workers could count on a paycheck at a stable job.

The power lunch is dead

The Four Seasons, home of the power lunch, is closing. A new generation is taking walks on the beach and networking at Starbucks.

Americans’ financial worries are messing with their summer vacation plans

Vacation spending could break records, but not everyone’s sharing in the fun.

One argument for canceling student debt: Student-loan borrowers may be far poorer than most economists believe

A new analysis raises questions about some conventional wisdom on student debt.

Elsewhere on MarketWatch
The Dalai Lama says that if his successor is female, she should be ‘attractive’

The spiritual leader also said Trump lacks ‘moral principle.’

After Harris attack, Biden scores endorsement from Atlanta’s black female mayor

The vote of confidence came a day after an attack from Sen. Kamala Harris over Biden’s past opposition to busing.

Warren won’t ‘sell’ top diplomatic jobs to rich donors, urges rivals to join pledge

Presidential contender Elizabeth Warren on Friday called on all candidates to ‘end the corrupt practice of selling cushy diplomatic posts to wealthy donors.’

The biggest change Democrats bring to presidential politics is they don’t lie

Democratic presidential candidates took a big step toward restoring Americans’ trust in their leaders by not lying at the first two debates, writes Tim Mullaney.

Kamala Harris says people are working multiple jobs in Trump economy. It’s no different now than under Obama.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks multiple jobholders every month — and no, they haven’t changed much under President Trump, or for that matter, President Obama.

Watch ‘SNL’ star Kate McKinnon do a perfect debate-inspired Marianne Williamson impression

Williamson’s offbeat debate performance made her one of the night’s most Googled candidates.

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