Terran Capital Is a Big Scam – Stay Away!

Binary options trading has emerged as a very popular way for investors to enter the online trading market, and a system like Terran Capital is trying to cash in on that trend. Binary options offer huge leverage and investors can easily trade 50 to 100 times the capital they have in their trading account with a system like Terran Capital. However, success in binary trading depends on access to the right tools, and one of the most important tools in a trader’s arsenal is the ability to pick the direction of the market accurately.

Due to huge demand for such trading software systems, a large number of trading software have been launched by companies with big promises of making money without any risk. It won’t be wrong to say that the binary options trading market is full of snake oil salesmen looking to make a quick buck at the expense of people who really need money and trust their sales pitch.

Terran Capital review

One binary options trading software that has gained a lot of popularity recently is Terran Capital. Unlike fraud sites that do not divulge this, we want to point out something. Irrespective of which link or website you utilize to register for this service, somebody could get a commission. That includes links on this website. Our join links can be trusted, because they are behind SSL HTTPS protection, so you can be certain of the starting point.

What Is Terran Capital?

It is an automated binary options trading software that is being given away for free. The creators of the software make bold claims that users can make at least $900 each day without any risk. If that was to be true, everyone would be rich but that’s not the world we live in. In simple terms, the creators of the Terran Capital software make huge claims but have nothing to back it up. It is the “without risk” part that should catch your eye and raise the alarm bells.

On 22 June 2016 almost any trader would have told you that it is a fairly safe bet to say that the UK will stay in the EU and that Brexit will be averted, and yet, against all those odds and best analysis and market research, the exact opposite happened. The point to take away from this is that the markets and world events are

Who Created the Terran Capital System?

In the sales video, a picture of a female is shown. It is claimed that she is Susan Carter, the CEO of the Terran Capital company. It is claimed that this company is an award-winning algorithmic trading company and has been active in the algorithmic trading software business for more than a decade. It is also claimed that the company had a trading volume of $370 billion in the last quarter with a trading volume of $870 billion in the year.

Susan Carter CEO Terran Capitals

They claim that the company has become the focus of every trader and biggest hedge funds on Wall Street and the company has been profiting from stock exchanges for the past seven years through high frequency trading.

Why Is Terran Capital a Scam?

Here is everything you need to know about why Terran Capital is nothing but a scam designed to make money from new and uninformed traders.

No Name of the Sales Person in the Video

The person in the video does not share his name and does not disclose the relationship he has with the company. He just goes on talking about how algorithmic trading has taken over the stock markets and how this particular company is responsible for almost 50% of the algorithmic trading in the world. The truth is that he looks like a hired actor who is reading from a prepared script.

No Mention on the Internet

In the sales video, it is claimed that the company has a trading volume of over $870 billion in a year. A company of this size should have been mentioned in a number of respectable financial publications, especially when company has been operating for over a decade. However, a cursory search on the name of the company yields no results other than reviews of its trading software and the website of the company.

Reuters no mention of Terran Capital

There is no way that such a supposedly popular company like Terran Capital with such a high trading volume does not find any mention anywhere on the Internet.

CEO of the Terran Capitals Company

In the sales video, a picture of an old lady is shown who is claimed to be the CEO of the company but it looks like a stock picture. The lady only has a picture in the video and is not featured in the video at all. If she is CEO of the company, she should have been promoting her company in the sales video.

TerranCapital.co Domain Registered in May 2016

In the sales video, it is claimed that they want to give the software to 500 individuals for free but a simple search for their domain name shows that it has been registered in May 2016. If the company has been operating for more than a decade, they should have at least a decade old domain. There is no way that the company didn’t have a website for all these years.


Free Software from $870 Billion Terran Capitals Company?

They claim that they are giving away their software for free to only 500 people. However, anybody can go to their website and register for the software. In fact, you can register for their software as many times as you want which means that it is being given to a whole lot more people than just 500.

only 500 people invited for Terran Capital scam software?

Also, there is no reason for such a successful company to give away their highly profitable software for free. After all, hedge funds and banks are probably willing to pay millions of dollars for such algorithms that can allegedly make billions in a year. It does not make any sense that a company with supposedly $870 billion would need to hire a firm to scrounge around for 500 people that want to use the software for free, that’s just absurd!

Terran Capital Scam Testimonials

There are a number of testimonials on the sales page but these look like stock pictures as no testimonials are given by any Terran Capital customers on video. Also, they claim that some of these investors have been with the company for many years but as mentioned above, the domain of the company has been registered only in May 2016.

Terran Capital Scam Dubious Directors

It is mentioned that the board of directors of the Terran Capitals scam company has over 200 years of combined experience in the financial services industry, and yet we could find no information on any of the board of directors available on their terrancapital.co website. Every professional company lists their board of directors on their website and absence of such list on the Terran Capital website shows that they are making fake claims.

Popular with Banks and Hedge Funds?

One of the most unbelievable claims made in the Terran Capital scam sales video is that they are extremely popular with hedge funds and big banks. However, they still need to hire the services of a marketing company to attract just 500 clients for free. If they are as popular as they claim to be, they absolutely do not need to market their software as traders are always looking for such opportunities to make money and will jump on such an offer.

Terran Capital Review Conclusion

It is important to mention here that one can make a lot of money with binary options but you need to have the right system and tools. A lot of beginners lose a lot of money with binary options trading as they do not take time to read between the lines and fall for false claims made by software creators.

This particular trading software also looks like nothing but a slick presentation video with no real substance to it. When you sign up by giving your name and e-mail address on the sales page, you are asked to fill up another form where they ask you to give your credit card number to make a deposit of at least $250. All trading requires a broker account to be set up, but they do not make this clear in their video and they give absolutely no reason to trust them with your credit card information. My suggestion is that you steer clear of these people!

This software has scam written all over it and such software systems give a bad name to the industry.

There are quite a few binary options trading systems that have made investors a lot of money. These systems allow investors complete control over their trading. If you are looking for binary options trading software, you should stay away from the Terran Capital scam and look at better alternatives.