President Trump isn’t the only one who could brush up on his U.S. history.

In fact, only four in 10 Americans could pass a multiple-choice test consisting of items taken from the U.S. citizenship test, according to a recent Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation survey of 41,000 Americans across the country. Vermont was the only state where a majority of residents could pass the test — and even its pass rate was a mere 53%.

Yet many people still couldn’t resist mocking the president’s historical gaffes on social media, as hashtags like #TrumpSpeechFail and #RevolutionaryWarAirports trended on Twitter into Friday morning.

So let’s see how well you can answer the following eight Revolutionary War-era questions that appear on the U.S. citizenship exam, provided by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation. 

1. There were 13 original states. Please select the option that names 3 of them.

A) New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire

B) Rhode Island, Florida, Georgia

C) New Hampshire, West Virginia, Virginia

D) Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine

2. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?

A) James Madison

B) Thomas Jefferson

C) George Washington

D) Abraham Lincoln

3. When was the Constitution written?

A) 1789

B) 1776

C) 1790

D) 1787

4. What is one right or freedom given by the First Amendment?

A) Landownership

B) Life

C) Bear arms

D) Speech

5. Why did the colonists fight the British?

A) Because of financial crisis

B) To help native Indians to get freedom

C) Because the British Army stayed in their houses

D) To free the African slaves

6. What is one thing Benjamin Franklin is famous for?

A) Started the first universities

B) Invented the light bulb

C) Published the code of the U.S. Constitution

D) He was a U.S. diplomat

7. Who said, “Give me liberty or give me death?”

A) Benjamin Franklin

B) George Washington

C) Thomas Jefferson

D) Patrick Henry

8. Who is not a writer of the Federalist Papers?

A) Publius

B) Thomas Jefferson

C) James Madison

D) Alexander Hamilton

Answers: 1-A; 2-B; 3-D; 4-D; 5-C; 6-D; 7-D; 8-B

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