Could Bitcoin Trading Volume Really 100X in Four Years?


In its latest report cryptocurrency data provider Coin Metrics predicted that Bitcoin’s daily volume could eclipse that of the U.S. equity market, if growth rates are maintained. But how likely is it really? The report cites Bitcoin as an asset class with incredible growth potential due its low trading volume comparedRead More →

‘Being objective is incredibly hard’: top financial advisers reveal their New Year’s resolutions to MarketWatch


Broad Green Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection Like millions of others, financial advisers are planning resolutions for 2020. Self-care, simplified finances and unemotional investing choices are some of the ways financial advisers are planning to better themselves in 2020. Despite their differing goals, the advisers who answered a MarketWatch questionRead More →

How To Retire With A Million In 10 Years


Though there’s no predetermined retirement age in the US, most people see it as something between 62 and 66 years of age. According to the census data, the average age of retirement is 65 for men and 63 for women. However, for Social Security purposes, 66 years and 2 monthsRead More →