Want to lower your tax rate? Consider these 3 things


Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell appeared before Congress late last month and spoke in serious terms about the country’s debt situation. It’s worth understanding what Powell said—and how that might impact your investments. Powell’s message: “The U.S. federal government is on an unsustainable fiscal path.” Specifically, “debt as a percentageRead More →

Why new tax rules make Roth accounts better than ever


(This article has been updated with 2019 income and contribution limits.) Free? Everyone likes free. Add on “tax-free,” and it’s even better. The Roth accounts offer a fantastic way to accumulate money tax-free. New tax laws make Roth accounts look better than ever. The Tax Cut & Jobs Act loweredRead More →

Republicans argue against ‘weaponizing’ tax code as Democrats press for Trump’s returns


Getty Images House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she believes Americans ‘overwhelmingly’ want to see President Donald Trump’s tax returns. The first congressional hearing over disclosing presidential tax returns began with a clash Thursday as Republicans criticized publicizing such documents and Democrats said Americans want to see them. President Donald TrumpRead More →