Risk Analysis Of Cyber Security Stocks


Source: Keydifferences When picking securities from a fast-growing sector like the cybersecurity (HACK) sector, after performing fundamental analysis to examine stocks that should be added to your portfolio, it is equally imperative that you perform a risk analysis. When performing a risk analysis, a peer-based risk analysis is recommended. ThisRead More →

‘I could live on my Social Security and still save money’: This 66-year-old left Chicago for ‘calming’ Costa Rica — where he now plans to live indefinitely


A school break changed 66-year-old Martin Farber’s life forever. In 2007, his daughter — who at the time was attending Illinois State University — decided she wanted to spend a college holiday volunteering in Costa Rica and staying with a local family, he explains. She came home raving about theRead More →

A married couple should do this to get the most from Social Security


A couple approaching retirement has many critical decisions. Social Security claiming is one that should be approached thoughtfully. The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 ended most Social Security claiming strategies. There are, however, still some strategies available for couples. If Social Security will comprise a significant portion of your retirementRead More →

Trading Stocks Trilogy-1: The Psychology

Social Security Is Harming Millennials


Social Security is a textbook illustration of how government programs go off the rails. It had a noble goal: to help elderly and disabled Americans, who can’t work, maintain a minimal, dignified living standard. Back then, most people either died before reaching that point or didn’t live long after it.Read More →

Picking Winners In The Cyber Security Space


Source: Gizmodo The cybersecurity market is akin to the semiconductor market in many ways. It continues to thrive on economies of scale and the law of compound interest, which has seen the proliferation of internet-enabled devices. The cybersecurity market is projected to grow to $120 billion by 2022. That sentenceRead More →