How to enjoy a frugal retirement


In May, 2019, Joan and Steve Reid, both 67, retired and moved from the affluent New York City suburb of Pearl River, N.Y., to the oceanfront community of Vero Beach, Fla. Their aim: retiring on a shoestring. It’s a goal many new retirees share, but one that can be trickyRead More →

10 best retirement and investing articles published this week


Here are must-read articles from MarketWatch to help you save for, and live, in retirement. Also included are stories on investing and consumer finance. 1. Retirement ideas — lowering senior-housing costs MarketWatch’s Best New Ideas in Retirement series continues. New technology and innovation can be used for senior housing thatRead More →

The No. 1 question Americans ask most about retirement


It’s all about the money. In honor of April, which is financial literacy month, Google unveiled the 10 questions that Americans ask most about retirement. The question Americans ask the search engine most often about retirement: “How much do I need to retire?” 10 most-asked retirement questions, past year U.S.Read More →

The 10 commandments of retirement


We’re faced with a host of thorny retirement issues: Keep Social Security solvent. Make Medicare affordable. Many Americans aren’t saving enough. They want to retire earlier than they can reasonably afford. They’re effectively financially illiterate. But in the end, you don’t need to worry about all Americans. Instead, what youRead More →