Co-produced with Beyond Saving The “Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act of 2019”, called the “SECURE Act” makes significant changes to retirement account rules and brings up new considerations for retirees. At High Dividend Opportunities, our priority is on building a large immediate income stream with a portfolioRead More →

Co-produced with PendragonY An income investor’s No. 1 focus is income for the year. With a new year fast approaching, you should begin to take appropriate steps for success now. Set an income-based target determined by how much income your portfolio generates now, and how much you will need whenRead More →

For retirees or near retirees (people aged over 55 but not retired yet), one of the major challenges is finding a sustainable income stream. Only 15 years ago, you could earn 5%-6% safe and guaranteed income from instruments like bank CDs with literally no risk. But that era is overRead More →

Since launching my company’s investment advisory service for retirees, True Link Financial, my colleagues and I have spent a lot of time talking to people about their financial plans. Here are five of the most common mistakes we’ve seen and how retirees can avoid them:  Mistake No. 1: Thinking youRead More →

In order to solve large-scale challenges, it is important to remember that innovation – the creation of new solutions – does not only involve technology, but it can also come from changes in thinking, in mindset, and applying old ideas and tools anew. Especially when tackling difficult issues like theRead More →