Chemist’s “Quality” Closed-End Fund Report Quantitative screens help to rapidly narrow down attractive candidates from the database of 500-plus closed-end funds for further due diligence and investigation. Based on feedback from members, it seems that a very many number of investors, understandably, place a great emphasis on coverage and returnRead More →

Getty Images People with shopping bags walk down the sidewalk during the Christmas holiday season last month. The outlook: Economic activity continued to expand “modestly” over the last six weeks of 2019, according to the Federal Reserve’s Beige Book, released Wednesday. Two districts: Richmond and Dallas, reported growth at above-averageRead More →

The market will be focused on the updated Summary of Economic Projections and any clarity on the pace of balance sheet growth. This is the last Fed meeting of 2019. It will be the last voting meeting for Rosengren, Bullard, Evans, and George. The 2020 rotating regional voters will beRead More →

Well, there were 266,000 jobs added to the US job market in November and the unemployment rate hit another fifty-year low at 3.5 percent. This was better than expected. Wages were up by 3.1 percent from one year ago, while consumer prices are up by less than 2.0 percent, yearRead More →

Asian markets gained in early trading Friday after a senior Chinese official said negotiations for a phase-one trade deal with the U.S. are progressing. Gao Feng, China’s minister of commerce, said Thursday that negotiators are in “close communication” and offered reassurances despite recent tensions. However, he also emphasized that ChinaRead More →