Assessing Your Portfolio Performance Through October


Are you happy with your investment performance? Why? The answer to the question “Is performance good?” requires an answer to another question “Relative to what?” In this article, we provide performance benchmarks tied to your investment horizon and your risk preference. If your horizon is long, traditional wisdom says youRead More →

Technically Speaking For October 29


Let’s take a look at the industrial sector starting with Fed’s regional manufacturing indexes: All have been declining this year except the Philly Fed index (in blue). Most have recently risen, although a majority are still near 0. The declines in these surveys not only explains the contracting ISM data,Read More →

Graphite Miners News For The Month Of October 2019


Welcome to the October edition of the graphite miners news. October saw graphite prices slightly higher. The big news for the past month was Syrah Resources (OTCPK:SYAAF) announcing a two-thirds production volume cut back due to graphite oversupply and low pricing. There was also plenty of other news of goodRead More →

Dividend Challenger Highlights: Week Of October 27


Introduction The Dividend Champions list is a monthly compilation of companies which have consistently increased their annual dividend payouts, and the latest edition may be found here. However, since this list is only produced once per month, the data in it can quickly get out of date. Furthermore, with closeRead More →

Fiera Capital Q3 2019 Tax Efficient Fixed Income Market Commentary – October 2019


Summary Our highest conviction ideas are selected for this research-focused approach that identifies what we believe are best of breed companies with a sustainable competitive advantage and growth potential, trading atwhatwebelieveareattractivevaluations. Municipal Treasury ratios fluctuate throughout the third quarter. Increasing signs of a softening economy spur Fed action. California earnsRead More →

October 2019 Stock Watch | Seeking Alpha


Another day, another dollar. It’s time to put those dollars to work. The market is starting to look pretty red, while that’s horrible if you are in your draw-down phase, for people accumulating stocks this is great. Will the market keep falling? Maybe. Will it rebound? Eventually. My portfolio hasRead More →

Technically Speaking For October 8


Once again sector performance is defensive across multiple time frames. There are four defensive sectors: consumer staples (XLP), utilities (XLU), health care (XLV), and real estate (VNQ). The following table shows the top three performing sectors for the last week, month, quarter, and half-year: Week Month Quarter 1/2 Year VNQRead More →

My Current View Of The S&P 500 Index: October 2019


This month’s article will outline why I will maintain my 100% allocation to SPY with my retirement assets. There will be no changes to my retirement allocations in October. First let me review my performance in September. The market, as measured by the S&P 500 index, had a nice gainRead More →