What’s the cost of smartphone addiction?


Sean Gallup/Getty Images Maybe it’s not healthy to pay more attention to your phone than to your friends. What if our smartphones are making us stupid? We are so used to thinking of technology as an unmitigated good, not to mention a key driver of productivity growth, that any potentialRead More →

Bill Maher: Red states wish they were us


Bill Maher, the outspoken host of HBO’s “Real Time,” has understandably never been a favorite of the right, and he didn’t exactly endear himself to his legions of haters with his latest slam of Middle America. ‘The flyover states have become the passed over states. That’s why red state votersRead More →

The secret money lesson of fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld


The death of fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld belongs on the fashion and lifestyle pages, not the financial pages — right? After all, Lagerfeld was a well-heeled European fashion designer. He wore a pony-tail and hung out with his cat. What could he possibly teach us about making money compared toRead More →

Watch out for these 10 ‘retirement killers’


There are plenty of things that can ruin a person’s retirement plans — divorce, illness, job loss, overspending. Some leave a retiree with a lifetime of regret. A recent study has revealed for the first time the 10 biggest causes of financial regret among those who have retired or areRead More →