The first stories trumpeting the business opportunities in marijuana started popping up around 2016, as ballot initiatives that year legalized recreational marijuana in California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts. The opportunity has, in many ways, lived up to that early optimism. However, in many ways the marijuana “megatrend” is now oldRead More →

© Reuters. – Cannabis stocks rose midday Monday. Investors celebrated the industry’s biggest 4/20 Day as recreational use has surged after legalization in many U.S. states and Canada. The annual marijuana day celebration on April 20 led to a crash of delivery websites, including the biggest legal delivery app,Read More →

Recreational marijuana is a new industry, which can lead to financial oddities. One of the most strange is that pot companies can claim profit based on little more than a guess about how much their cannabis is actually worth. International accounting rules followed by the top Canadian pot producers requireRead More →