Stressed out and losing friends over politics? You’re not alone


Even before the Trump impeachment inquiry began dominating news coverage and watercooler conversations this week, politics were already dividing many Americans from their sanity. University of Nebraska–Lincoln researchers surveyed 800 Americans about the physical, social and emotional effects of today’s often heated and hyperpartisan political discourse. Many respondents reported feeling stressedRead More →

U.S. dollar on track for losing week


The U.S. dollar weakened slightly across the board in Friday trading, reversing a move higher the previous day that had snapped a four-day losing streak and leaving a closely followed index on track for a weekly loss. A popular gauge for the greenback headed lower after many mixed U.S. economicRead More →

Your no B.S. guide to losing weight in the New Year


Want to lose weight in 2019? It’s time to cut the crap. And that’s not just the junk food sabotaging your diet, or the time suckers keeping you from working out. We’re also talking about the fad diets, fitness trends and questionable studies that have made reaching and maintaining aRead More →