Dormant altcoins are coming back to life

Dormant altcoins are coming back to life


  A rising tide lifts all boats — even those previously thought to be shipwrecked. At least that’s how it looked on Wednesday when some previously dormant altcoins erupted back to life, experiencing spikes ranging between 3,000% and 6,500% for the week. Foremost among them was Karma (KARMA), a socialRead More →

Companies race to find the key to eternal life


Getty Images The fountain of eternal youth once sounded like pure science fiction, but now investors are pouring millions into start-ups searching for revolutionary ways to reverse the aging process. The big hope is that they will one day become a reality and turn a profit. On Monday, Juvenescence: TheRead More →

This is the most deadly time in life to put on weight


What’s considered optimum shape for people who are about to undergo cardiac surgery? Mortality in patients who had undergone heart bypass surgery was over four times higher in individuals with a high body fat mass, according to new research conducted by Dr. Xavier Leroy of the Department of Anaesthesia andRead More →

10 articles to help you with money, investing and life


Here are must-read articles from MarketWatch to help you save for, and live, in retirement, as well as investing and consumer finance topics. 1. Steps to take as you plan for, and begin, your retirement Kicking off MarketWatch’s Best New Ideas in Retirement series, Jonathan Burton provides a detailed planRead More →

Why these actors live the small-town life


If you’ve ever considered working in the entertainment industry, you’ve probably thought about moving to a new city to launch your career. Because you have to move to New York City or Los Angeles to make it big, right? Not necessarily. As it turns out, plenty of actors and actresses who grace the bigRead More →