Climate change protesters disrupt D.C. rush-hour traffic


Updates to reflect that the World Bank has not funded a new coal-fired power plant since 2010. Elisabeth Buchwald Protesters gathered outside the World Bank on Friday, saying the organization’s investments have contributed to climate change. Climate change protesters took to the streets of Washington Friday morning, causing massive delaysRead More →

The best EVs and plug-in hybrids in 2019


Car shopping is involved enough, making a pick from among all the electric vehicles (EVs) out there can be an even greater challenge. This is particularly true for first-time EV buyers. There are a lot of terms to master and information to digest. We understand that there’s a degree of altruism andRead More →

Building taller cities to cope with climate change


Homo sapiens are unique in our ability unlock the secrets of nature, build great civilizations and create technological wonders and radically alter the environment—not always for the better. Harnessing fossil fuels accelerated our ascent but, according to scientists, diplomats and the architects of the 2016 Paris Agreement, we must curbRead More →