Demystifying the Top Cryptocurrency Jargon

  Cryptocurrency investing can be daunting for many potential investors with complex systems and theory unfamiliar to many. The language employed by the cryptocurrency community is just as terrifying with words seemingly plucked out of thin air. The list below highlights the latest terms used within the cryptocurrency space thatRead More →

Switzerland’s financial regulator, FINMA, has approved two Zurich-based banks to offer a range of cryptocurrency services, including trading and custody. Maerki Baumann Bank subsequently announced the launch of its trading platform for major cryptocurrencies while Incore Bank is offering a range of crypto services. Maerki Baumann Launches Cryptocurrency Trading DeskRead More →

China has passed the country’s long-awaited civil code which expands the scope of inheritance rights to include cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin. Inherited cryptocurrencies will be protected under the new law. Meanwhile, several Chinese courts have recently ruled that bitcoin and ethereum are properties protected by law. Inherited Cryptocurrencies Protected byRead More →

A novel cryptocurrency project called PornVisory plans to reward its users with tokens for watching porn on its platform. PornVisory’s founder, Veronica Noschese, explained to Cointelegraph that there’s a natural synergy between the cryptocurrency and pornography industry, which desperately needs anonymous financial systems. As examples, Noschese pointed to PayPal banning PornhubRead More →

Happy Tuesday MarketWatchers. Don’t miss these top stories: Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra may be a red line some people will refuse to cross Some social-media users regard Mark Zuckerberg’s financial-services ambitions with skepticism. This father paid $400,000 to get his child into Georgetown, but his son said he didn’t know —Read More →