The 10 best U.S. cities for antique hunters


At Livability, we believe that one of the secrets to happiness is living someplace you truly love. And if your love of antiques and flea markets runs so deep you Google “best cities for antiquing” every weekend, well, this post is for you. We assembled this roundup of cities withRead More →

Building taller cities to cope with climate change


Homo sapiens are unique in our ability unlock the secrets of nature, build great civilizations and create technological wonders and radically alter the environment—not always for the better. Harnessing fossil fuels accelerated our ascent but, according to scientists, diplomats and the architects of the 2016 Paris Agreement, we must curbRead More →

The best U.S. cities to raise a family


We all have fond memories of our childhood hometown — summer nights playing outside with the neighbor kids until dusk, pancakes at the local diner with mom and dad, and the special teachers who stayed late to go over a tricky assignment. Cities are so much more than a collectionRead More →