Brexit: Beware GBP Vol In 2020


A New Level for Cable Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s December 12, 2019 triumph sent Cable through the roof, from a 1.29$ handle to over 1.35$ in one day, the highest level since the spring of 2018. Part of that astonishing rise was due to markets anticipating the end of theRead More →

Now Boris Can Get Brexit Done – But How?


By Darren Williams After a decisive victory in the UK’s general election, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has a strong mandate to “get Brexit done.” But the eventual shape of his Brexit deal is still far from clear. Holding 365 out of 650 seats in the UK Parliament, Johnson’s Conservative PartyRead More →

UK economy caught between Brexit and a hard place


Now that his conservative party has won the UK election in a landslide victory, triumphant prime minister Boris Johnson can turn his attention and energy to the economy. And the next five years will be marked by the opposing effects of his party’s policies, which on the upside should boostRead More →

There Is No Economic Rationale For Brexit


Brexit seems to have become an end in itself, which isn’t surprising as the three-year saga has so dominated and stressed the body politic and the country that a resolution, any resolution, is often preferred above the status quo. But lest we forget, there is very little economic rationale forRead More →