By James Knightley, Chief International Economist; Carsten Brzeski, Chief Economist; James Smith, Developed Markets Economist; Iris Pang, Economist; Rob Carnell, Chief Economist, Head of Research; Charlotte de Montpellier, Economist Discover what ING’s economists are expecting from global central banks over the next twelve months Timeline: ING’s global central bank outlookRead More →

Big Picture Thesis Investors who own higher-risk/higher-return assets generate an order of magnitude greater wealth over time than savers who own lower-risk/lower-return assets. (In econo-speak, saving and investing are the same thing, but here “saving” refers to stashing one’s money in an asset of stable value and relatively low returnRead More →

It’s no longer just me using terms like “Armageddon, crisis, devastating, chaos, Great Depression;” it’s leaders of the world’s most august and conservative central banks. The big banking squeeze that began in September never went away. In fact, repo auctions last week looked worse than ever, in spite of theRead More →