Afraid you missed the stock-market bottom? This research says curb your FOMO.

According to a new study, curbing FOMO can help prevent people from feeling like they missed the stock-market bottom. Although investors might be driving stock-market gains due to fear of missing out, it’s usually not the case that they’re overly concerned about the “bottom” of the market. In a note on Tuesday, a strategist noted that investors might be overreacting to a potential technical issue. According to Dan Suzuki, a financial advisor at Richard Bernstein, many investors tend to chase the bottom of the market by buying early. However, history shows that it’s better to be late than early. Despite the recent market gains, theRead More →

Baidu Approval

Baidu said it received approval from Chinese cities to provide its ride-hailing service, which is mainly operated without a safety or driver in the vehicle. The company noted that it would charge passengers for its service in the cities of Shenyang and Wuhan. The company, which is the first Chinese firm to get this type of permit, said it would operate its service in Wuhan and Changchun from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It would also operate in a 30 square-kilometer area in the city of Chongqing. Baidu’s vice president for intelligence driving said that the company’s decision to launch its ride-hailing service in theseRead More →