The U.S. stock market right now is riskier than you think


Will the stock market’s real rate of return please stand up? It’s an important question. Depending on your frame of reference, the U.S. stock market is either performing fantastically or dismally. For example, the dividend-adjusted S&P 500 SPX, -2.59%   has an annualized real (inflation-adjusted) return of 26.5% this yearRead More →

AMD earnings: What to expect


Advanced Micro Devices Inc. is the chip maker to watch this earnings season, as the company takes on Intel Corp. and Nvidia Corp. amid problems in the sector that are expected to show signs of improvement. AMD AMD, +3.55%  is scheduled to report second-quarter earnings on Wednesday, July 24. WhatRead More →

Why the Fed should ditch its 2% inflation target


The Federal Reserve is charged by Congress to accomplish full employment and stable prices. For economists, these objectives pose a tradeoff, and the Fed targets 2% inflation as a compromise. All this is premised on economic theories rendered obsolete by the globalization of many goods and services markets, capital mobility, and resulting wageRead More →

Why the next bear market could shave 35% off the Dow


Predicting when the next bear market will occur is notoriously difficult. Just ask stock-market timers. But what about predicting the severity of the next bear market? That has become a pressing question of late, since Wall Street has shifted from whether a U.S. recession will occur in the next 12-18Read More →

10 best retirement and investing articles published this week


Here are must-read articles from MarketWatch to help you save for, and live, in retirement. Also included are stories on investing and consumer finance. 1. Retirement ideas — lowering senior-housing costs MarketWatch’s Best New Ideas in Retirement series continues. New technology and innovation can be used for senior housing thatRead More →