Researchers found evidence that more than $1 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC) from addresses linked to the Ryuk ransomware attack was transferred through a wallet on Binance.

According to an Aug. 23 Forbes report, researchers took a sample of 63 transactions, accounting for $5.7 million of the more than $61 million the FBI estimates was stolen using Ryuk ransomware.

Of the $5.7 million, $1,064,865 worth of bitcoins from multiple wallet addresses bounced around in numerous unconnected wallets, eventually finding their way to Binance, where they were cashed out.

The Binance wallet has been in use as recently as this month, but the most recent transaction occurred on August 22, the day before the Forbes article was published, when it emptied the wallet completely.

The remaining $4.7 million in bitcoin tracked by researchers is still being stored in a number of non-exchange addresses.

Cointelegraph spoke with the Binance security team about the incident, which explained that the transaction outlined in the Forbes article occurred more than 18 months ago, and that the account in question had been tracked and reviewed at that time.

Furthermore, the volatile nature of most cryptocurrencies makes it impossible to know whether a particular token is from a fraudulent or legitimate source once the two are combined.

“The situation is further complicated by the wide variety of customers Binance operates on its platform, some of whom obtain such funds through simple peer-to-peer transactions, while others obtain them through corporate services that use our platform for liquidity.”

Binance has a number of security systems in place that use a variety of technologies to identify potentially malicious activity.” The system is constantly being improved to ensure maximum vigilance against such activity while minimizing the risk of false positives.”

According to Cointelegraph, Binance recently worked with law enforcement in Ukraine to help catch a cybercrime ring attempting to launder $42 million through the exchange.

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