The Profits Eternity scam system by Jane Creswell is a very slick and dangerous binary options trading app. Like so many other fake systems, this one also promises to make you a millionaire in no time at all. This system has tried to stay low-key, and you most likely heard about it from an email. It would be in your best interests to unsubscribe from whichever email list you got the link for the Profits Eternity system, since they are simply aiming to clean out your pockets.

Profits Eternity scam

Profits Eternity Review

This system has all the usual trimmings of a scammy system, such as bogus trust badges, counters and even a “live” profits counter. The great thing about inferior systems like this is that they normally shoot themselves in the foot, and Profits Eternity is no different. This system went live before the weekend, and they claim that it will only be shown to 300 people and then the video will be taken down. Well, I can guarantee you that by now far more than 300 people have seen the Profits Eternity scam video and it’s still up.

Jane Creswell doesn’t really give us any reason as to why the system is being limited to only 300 people, and frankly it doesn’t make sense. Later on, towards the end of the boring video, that number suddenly changes to 50, making it clear that it is all made up. They do this to create a pressure situation where you feel you must sign up, so it’s just a marketing trick.

Software Background

We are told that Jane Creswell is a very successful and wealthy binary options trader. The main problem with that statement is that the binary options field is still relatively small and a lot of the top traders know about each other. In this case, no-one has ever heard of Jane Creswell. We could also not find any social media accounts for her either. If she really was such a good binary options trader, and therefore well-respected, other top traders would know about her.

A crucial mistake she makes is to claim that her company was making over $300,000 in binary options trading before 2008. The reason this is such a huge error is because no-one could trade binary options before 2008. It did not exist before then.

The crazy claims just keep on stacking up, with Jane Creswell implying that well-known celebrities like Brad Pitt, Tiger Woods and even Mark Zuckerberg are her clients. Maybe she’s just delusional, but there is no chance those people are her clients! The software site is just over a month old, take a look at the information below. So how can she make all of these claims? domain age

Things get even weirder when she first tells us that the Profits Eternity system has nothing to do with trading, and then just after that she tells us that she has a binary options auto-trading system. Next she slams systems that claim they use secret strategies, only to tell us shortly thereafter that the Profits Eternity system relies on her patented secret strategy algorithm! She keeps on contradicting herself to the point where it gets embarrassing.

100% Accurate System?

This is something that all the scam systems just love to use, and I’ve got no idea why because it is so dumb! The Profits Eternity scam system claims that it is 100% accurate. There is no way that’s even remotely possible, the markets simply do not work like that.

Quick Explanation on How Binary Options Work

Jane Creswell tells us that the reason her Profits Eternity system always wins, is because if it sees that it will lose a trade, it will close the trade and you will get your money back. That would be lovely, but binary options trading does not work like that. With binary options, you may get a portion of your investment in a particular trade back if you close it before the official expiry, but it is never the full amount. You only make money when your trade wins, all other outcomes results in a loss.

The great thing about binary options trading compared to other trading methods is that you will never lose more than your initial investment. With regular Forex trading, it is very possible to lose not just more than what you initially risked in a trade, you can even lose more than the sum total of your account. Binary options trading limits that risk entirely to your trade risk. So if you place $50 in a trade and it goes against you, all you will lose in that trade is $50, while you stand to gain $42 if you win by even just one micro pip.

Final Thoughts

The information provided in the Profits Eternity system is simply not true. It is not a system you can rely on and we do not recommend you sign up for this binary options auto-trader. There are much better alternatives, such as the Snapcash Binary system that is also an auto-trader, but with a proven track record.

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