The Perpetual Formula app is a great system if you don’t care much about reality. I started watching their video, and it all looked pretty impressive until the crazy claims started piling up! Nevertheless, this Perpetual Formula review will be taking an in-depth look at this system, and give you all the nitty-gritty details on this binary options auto-trading app. The portions of their video that I want you to focus on are the parts where they tell you how much money you will be making with this system, and the time-frame in which you will become fabulously rich, if any of this turns out to be true.

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How Much Money Does David Parker Say You Can Make with The Perpetual Formula App?

This particular claim was the turning point in this Perpetual Formula review for me, I must admit, I wasn’t expecting something like that! We’ve reviewed quite a number of systems already, and this is the first time that any system has made a claim like this! That says a lot! If I just tell you outright what they say you can make with this system, you might think that I’m over-stating the facts just to make a point. I admit it, sometimes I might use a hyperbole or two to get the message across. However, with this system, they just took the wind right out of my sails.

Perpetual formula app billion dollar claim review

There you have it, a BILLION dollars, actually they say it has generated over a billion dollars, and of course, you can have a piece of that billion dollar pie too! Nope!!! Don’t think so! Look, there is an awful lot of money that exchange hands each day on the stock exchange and Forex transactions, but there is no way that this dinky system generated over a billion dollars. For starters, neither one of their websites even existed a two months ago, take a look at these records:

perpetual formula scam registered in May 2016

Here’s the other one:

perpetual formula app registered in May 2016

So immediately, you have to ask yourself how all of this is possible if their websites were created in April and May of this year? Can I really trust a guy with a mustache like that if he tells me he has made over a billion bucks and he will make me a millionaire? Well, if you don’t immediately run away in utter horror, you should at least reconsider signing up. The claims that David Parker (if that’s even his real name) makes in this presentation video was enough to make the hair stand up on the back of my neck. This is exactly the type of scam system that I try to steer traders away from, it is so inflated with lies that there is simply no way that you should take the Perpetual Formula system seriously, seriously!

Guaranteed 100% Winning Trades With Perpetual Formula Forever! Really?

Perpetual Formula scam forever claim

There is no way any system can make a claim like that, and yet, we are told over and over in the Perpetual Formula scam presentation that their software has never had a loss. Think about that for just a minute or two. They’re saying it has never had a loss, and that it is 100% guaranteed to make profits every day “forever”. As someone once said, “forever is a very long time, especially towards the end.” And as I like to say, with great claims come the great responsibility to prove that you’re not just full of it and talking crap! In this case, the Perpetual Formula scam is pretty low on proof.

perpetual formula review too good to be true?

I actually laughed so much when I heard “David Parker” say this that I fell off my chair! Okay, it’s the hyperbole thing again, but you it was close, very close. There is a perpetual and persistent campaign in this presentation to try and turn you away from common sense, and like some twisted Jedi mind-trick they want you to suspend your disbelief and believe the bogus claims. Don’t fall for it, there is no way that a system like this will make you over $100,000 in a month!

crazy claims Perpetual formula scam bogus software

Just in case none of all his previous things worked, David starts focusing on the emotions of his listeners by talking about his mother and how she died while he held her hand. His freakin mother! Does this guy have no shame at all? Why would you drag your mother into a presentation like this? He just wants you to believe that he’s a good guy, with thick glasses, a mustache that looks like it might be a small squirrel that sneaked up there and he wears both a jacket and a golf shirt, so you get the not-so-subtle hint that he’s a regular guy, but also a successful businessman. Yep, I saw through all that… a mile away.

With regards to how the system actually works, it’s all about “machine readable news”. That’s so vague and really not something new at all! I worked on a system like that 10 years ago because there are news feed providers that will already tag something for you so that you can more easily write code to utilize it. On an even simpler level, a site like gives you all the major financial news and the potential impact it can have on your trading day. We’re never told exactly what the system does with the news, or how it formulates a trading strategy based on the news, all they want you to think about is the $100K you’re going to have in your bank account soon – not!

Perpetual Formula Scam Review

My advice for you is that you think clearly about the red flags raised in this review, and that you will not fall for this scam. Don’t even give them your email just to see what they say, it’s not worth it. There are many other systems that will provide you with a much better opportunity to succeed at trading binary options.

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