Optical Signal system


The Optical Signal system is simply not worth even considering, other than the recreational value which it brings to laugh at their insane claims. If you’re looking to prioritize your time, then you would certainly be better off catching a nap instead of wasting your time signing up for the Optical Signal scam software.

Nevertheless, we will be answering questions in this review about how this offer compares with similar software? What is Optical Signal, and who is Dominic Shepherd and George Larson.  Can you get the software for free (it’s so bad they should be paying you!), and other questions we regularly get asked.

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Support Types: Email, Chat
Maximum Payout: 90%
Comes Across As Legitimate No
FREE Demo Account: Free
Fake Testimonials: Yes
Unattainable Revenue Gains: Yes
Minimum First Trading Deposit: $200
Convincing Proof of Gains Nope

Insights On How The Optical Signal System Works?

Using binary options robots do not depend upon any prior trading education or any experience, since the trading bots are automated and can operate on auto-pilot. This is why people like them so much.

Binary options trading basically asks a yes/no question: Will this asset be over this rate at this particular time? If you are right, you receive a set payment despite the underlying asset potentially swinging widely between going up and down before the trade expires.

Due to the fact that this trading app is trading in your place is the reason why these types of systems are regularly called an auto-trader.

The Optical Signal system claims that you can make a cool $1 million dollars every month, and they say that it is a “guaranteed minimum”! In the beginning of their presentation video they say you will make $3,000 per day.

Million in a month?

I don’t know what you think, but even if any of that is true, their math is wrong. You would need to make over $30,000 a day in order to make a million in a month. Besides that, their claim is completely preposterous! There is not even the slightest chance that you could make that much money with this system.

All Online No Trading App Download Needed

Traders do not need to download or install anything in order to start working with Optical Signal. They have the ability to trade on the move by taking advantage of the system which is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS or Android. So, you just have to create your account and start placing trades, that is, if you’ve lost all your marbles.

Things That We Are Told About The Background Of The Optical Signal Software Application

Dominic Shepherd and George Larson tells us that their system is completely fool-proof and that it never loses a trade. The reason for this, according to George Larson and Dominic Shepherd is that they have their own super servers that are ten times faster than anybody else’s servers.

On top of that, they also claim to have “optical networks” (they probably mean fiber optic networks), and that it makes trading with their system crazy fast.

While it is true that there are trading systems out there that utilize high frequency trading over optimized networks that are generally placed very close to exchanges, we have reached the point where this type of optimization is simply no longer good enough. Everyone caught up and as far as speed is concerned, they’re practically all the same now.


I really dislike scam systems like Optical Signal that say things like you will make a guaranteed million dollars in a month. So I don’t really have anything positive to say about this system. You cannot guarantee results when you trade, it simply does not work like that! It is irresponsible and dangerous for them to make statements like that because some people will actually believe that nonsense.


In doing background research on this system, I noticed that they mentioned an award they received. You will see from the screen capture below that they claim Optical Signal was voted as the best binary option software of 2017. That would have been very impressive if it was true.

best binary system?

The problem is that the photo they’re showing there has nothing to do with this system. They simply took a photo of another company completely unrelated to binary options and stole it for the sole purpose of duping us! That alone makes this a scam!

Sify award

How To Get Started With Optical Signal?

If you’re still adamant about going forward with signing up, they make it pretty straight forward for you:

  • Free registration
  • Join a respected broker
  • Make deposit and trade

One can register incredibly quickly with Optical Signal. All that is required is filling a couple of standard information into a sign up form. An approval e-mail is sent out to your personal inbox and you need to click on the supplied link in order to confirm and secure your slot. After that, you just need to fund your account with $250 in order to get started off.


It should be pretty clear by now that I’m not a fan of this system.


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