Just before 8 a.m. on Thursday, shots rang out at Saugus High in Southern California, in a school shooting that left two dead and several students injured. The 16-year-old suspect, a student at the Santa Clarita school, had initially avoided capture but has been taken into custody, according to published reports.

While this story, like the stories of the school shootings that preceded it, made national headlines, the National Rifle Association was getting ratioed over this tweet:

Ratioed — when a tweet racks up more replies than retweets or likes — is what happens to tweets that create an internet stir for all the wrong reasons.

The replies, in this case, were most made up of those calling the NRA things like “evil incarnate” and “utter ghouls,” along with visual responses such as this:

And this:


A parent of a Saugus student apparently chimed in as the #GunControlNow hashtag climbed the trending list on Twitter

TWTR, -0.72%


Meanwhile, the lockdown that was enforced across all schools in Santa Clarita’s William S. Hart School District, which is located about 30 miles outside Los Angeles, has been lifted, CNN reported.

Kent Wegener of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department told reporters that video from the scene shows the suspect taking a .45-caliber pistol from a backpack before shooting five people and then himself. He was reported to be in grave condition.

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