Nasdaq Inside Trader scam

Nasdaq Inside Trader Scam Review

Stay away from the Nasdaq Inside Trader system, it has rip-off written all over it! Binary options trading has the potential to make a great deal of money for investors. Just like any trading, it is also risky and therefore, it is essential to pick the ideal software trading system to make sure that your money stays safe.

Here’s the thing:

Thanks to the increasing popularity of binary options trading, a variety of software trading systems have been introduced in the market by different businesses, various of these apps have very tall marketing claims that need to immediately raise alarm bells for you. Usually, these software application trading systems turn out to be a fraud, and are intended to earn the creator of the system money while leaving everyone else with empty trading accounts. One such recently released software application trading system is the Nasdaq Inside Trader scam.

The apparent owner of the system is Alex Steele, and ironically his name fits the system very well. It’s most likely that this system will simply steal your money.

How does it work?

We’re told by Alex Steele that the system works by analyzing the trends and movements in the markets daily and then creating winning trades based on that information. That doesn’t really say much at all, everyone does that! Their claim is that you will make $250 each hour of trading. Here’s where the problem lies.

They expand on this claim by saying that you will be making $180,000 a month, and you will get an astounding $2,000 sign-up bonus. If you hand over your email address and sign up, they claim you will be able to use their exclusive trading software that is 100% accurate.

If all that sounds too good to be true, then that’s just it. You shouldn’t believe what Alex Steele or anyone from Nasdaq Inside Trader tells you.

So what about that bonus?

The “welcome bonus” that you may or may not get will most likely be full of pretty tricky clauses and requirements that would make the most trained lawyer’s head spin. What it boils down to is that most brokers lock down your account once you accept their bonus payment. This means that you will be required to do so many trades with the Nasdaq Inside Trader before your money is released that you will in all likelihood never be able to withdraw it.

All of this is done legally, the bonus systems are simply structured in such a way that it will take a very long time before your money is released. So, the simple solution is to not accept a bonus from a broker, unless you are certain that their requirements make sense to you.

Fake Nasdaq Inside Trader Testimonials

Based on the photos of the supposed media comments about the Nasdaq Inside Trader scam, not a single one is real. Why do I say that? Well, because the profile pictures of Tony Ferguson, Sarah Wallis and Barry Evans are all fake.

fake testimonials

By doing a very quick and easy Google search, we can instantly see that not a single one of their profile photos are real. They have all been scraped from other sites. Now, I would understand if maybe one of them used a stock photo, but since all three came out as fake it’s pretty clear they are bogus.

fake profile

So Is It $4,500 Or $6,000 per day?

These guys are clearly also not very good at math. One the one hand, they claim that you will make you “first $4,500 today”. However, during the Nasdaq Inside Trader video they say you will make $6,000? They got to the $6,000 by multiplying $250 by 24 hours, since that is their main claim.

Besides the inconsistency, they also fail to take into consideration that the markets are not open over weekends or holidays. Clearly they are not actually traders themselves. They simply multiplied the figure of $6,000 by 30 days to get to $180,000 without taking into consideration how many times per month the markets are actually open for trading.

Where Are The Millionaires?

Alex Steele, that we never get to see, claims that he has made 34 traders millionaires in the last year. That’s a pretty big statement, and one that is never backed up with proof.

Won’t you think that if a guy made 34 people that rich that you would hear about it on social media or the news? Yet, we find no such evidence.

Nasdaq Inside Trader Review Conclusion

You just cannot take these clowns seriously. From the very cheesy voice artist, to the inconsistent revenue claims and finishing with the bogus testimonials, there is nothing believable about this system. To top it all off, there is also no proof from my fellow traders that this system performs well.

With no real system, and no trading records that prove the system works, there is nothing here for you. Don’t waste your money by signing up with the Nasdaq Inside Trader scam. It’s not worth it! Protection Status