Searching for the Money Glitch scam binary options software might give you lots of results for the Grand Theft Auto (GTA 5) game, and a money glitch that gives you unlimited money, allowing you to make money fast and buy anything you want. The Money Glitch binary options software system offered by Selena Fairbrother and David Matthews actually offers you the same promise, except that their offer involves real money – your money. Where the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) game money glitch gives you the ability to buy whatever you heart desires in the game, the promise of real-life money is a completely different matter. Give yourself a couple of minutes, read this review, take a step back, and look at the bigger picture. I’ll also show you a clever trick.

the money glitch money-glitch-145943_650x

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While it is entirely possible to find a money glitch in a game like GTA 5, or Grand Theft Auto V game, and then exploit it to your benefit, real life tends to be slightly different. The problem with the Money Glitch scam software, is that they are trying to make you believe that real life is also just like a game, with a money glitch somewhere in the financial system that you can use to your advantage. You know that’s not the truth.

What I want you to do, is to just step back for a moment or two, and think about this clearly. The whole presentation by the scantily clad Selena Fairbrother – who does not appear to exist anywhere else online except for this video – is geared towards getting you to hand over your email and sign up for their software. If their intentions were noble, that would have not necessarily been a bad thing, but I can tell you from experience that signing up for their Money Glitch scam software is not going to end well for you.

How do I know these things you might ask? Well, that’s the clever trick I want to show you. But first I want you step through their system offer and point out a few things that you might have missed if you weren’t paying close attention. One of the first things to watch out for when trying to determine if a new binary options auto-trader or signal service is a scam is to be on the lookout for any fake countdown timers and scarcity statements that try to force you to sign up right away.

The Money Glitch scam has plenty of this on their website. In fact, they like those bogus count-down timers so much that they appear to use them everywhere on the site. They are trying to make you believe that the software is valuable, that it is a money-making tool that you simply cannot live without, and that you should sign up immediately to avoid potential disappointment. Now, I can appreciate that a marketer would want to inject some urgency into a call to action, or else we all would probably never actually accomplish anything online. The issue in my opinion is when marketers such as the Money Glitch team relies to heavily on these tactics that it becomes pretty self evident that they are purely in it for the money. This type of bombardment means only one thing, they want your email and your money and they don’t care a hoot about you!

If you received an email with a link that lead you to the Money Glitch software, I would sincerely suggest that you remove yourself from that email list. Rather sign up for someone else’s site or fill out one of the subscriber forms on this site – or any other site that you trust.

So lets take a look at the person supposedly behind the development of the software, David Matthews.

the money glitch david matthews

Here is the little trick you can use to quickly find out if this is a real photo of David Matthews or not. If it is a photo by itself on a site, you can simply click-and-drag the image into a Google image search and immediately get results if it is a photo that appears elsewhere. In this case, I first had to do a quick screen capture and then I did an image search. This is what you would have found if you had done the same thing:

David Matthews fake photo

As you can see, the image they used for the “famous” David Matthews definitely belongs to a photo model which means that they simply used a stock photo instead of taking an actual photograph of David Matthews. Now, I can understand that in some cases the owner of the company might have huge mole on the tip of his nose or something, but c’mon people, that is why Photoshop was created! In addition to the fake photo for the creator of the Money Glitch software, I could not find any reference to a David Matthews, or even Selena Fairbrother for that matter! Both names sound suspiciously made-up too…

Now that you know what to do, you can test the user photos in the testimonials section for yourself, but let me show you a quick example.

The Money Glitch scam repeated testimonails

Let’s focus on the guy at the right, Eric Allen, if you click and drag his photo over into an image search in your web browser, you will discover that he is in fact not “Eric Allen”, but a completely different person whose profile picture the Money Glitch guys simply stole off the internet, most likely from LinkedIn – take a look below:

fake user profiles

If you think this is bad, you haven’t even seen half of it! I encourage you to read our other review on the same system for even more in-depth information about the Money Glitch scam software and why you should not waste your time or money with this system.


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