Methodox by Scott Sholes nearly had me, I must admit! But then I started looking a bit deeper into this scam and I will share with you what I’ve found. I came across the Methodox 2.0 app after I got an email from someone asking me about it. At first blush it looked pretty legit, but then I started seeing some elements of the Methodox 2.0 software that raised some clear red flags for me.

Methodox 2.0 scam

Methodox Review

I almost always follow the same principle when reviewing new binary options trading bots. I first look for obvious signs on the site, like with to see if there are lots of countdown timers, fake badges and ludicrous revenue claims. Now here’s the thing, with the Methodox site I did not see any of those elements initially, which basically made it look legit.

My Methodox 2.0 review was going to be positive, but then when I did some digging into Scott Sholes and found, well, nothing! That happens sometimes, so I decided to see if I can find any mention of the first version of their Methodox software, since they make such a big deal about it. No matter how much I searched, I could not find anything about their supposedly first version of the software.

Methodox 2.0 trading results

The other issue that I have with this software is that they claim they are giving it away for free because they are trying to prove it works for a 1,000 people and after that they are going to sell it to “financial companies” for a lot of money. The problem with that is no Wall Street firms would be interested in their binary options trading system, we’ve said this before in other reviews as well. A system like the Methodox 2.0 software is made to work with binary options. There are no Wall Street firms that trade binary options, it is a retail method of trading that makes it simple for people like you and me to get into the market.

This means that their whole story of getting lots of traders to look good for these financial firms make no sense whatsoever. Now if you think about it, if that doesn’t make sense, then nothing else makes sense of their whole system. That is why I’m calling this app the Methodox 2.0 scam!

Fake Testimonials

It doesn’t end there though, look a bit further and you will find that the testimonials are fake too!

Metodox 2.0 review

It didn’t take much to find out that “Rosie James” is a familiar face that has been used before more than once in other fake testimonials of systems like the Prizm Tech scam that we have written about before. That isn’t the only fake testimonial profile, and it would simply take up too much space to go through each of them. All the evidence is simply piling up against Methodox!

Methodox Scam Trading System Video

Last but not least, we see that there are wildly different performance claims that goes up to 96% and when they do their supposedly “live” trading, there isn’t a single loss in sight! That would be great if it was true, but if you have been trading even just a little bit you will know that reality does not look like that.

All in all I honestly cannot recommend the Methodox 2.0 scam system, even though I initially thought it looked like legit software. I would rather that you look at more reliable alternatives that have been proven to work. Protection Status