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Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks with attendees in front of a Stop & Shop following a speech in support of striking union workers on April 18 in Dorchester, Mass.

Google searches are increasingly used as bellwethers for politics, and it looks like Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign launch has generated strong interest as Sen. Elizabeth Warren has found a policy that is generating buzz.

Data from Google Trends shows that Biden interest has surged in the last week, to the detriment of his rivals seeking the Democratic nomination for president in 2020. Times of day were averaged out for purposes of making the chart.

What’s notable also is what people were querying as they searched for Biden. The number one term was “Joe Biden announces” — understandable — and the second-most popular term was “Anita Hill and Joe Biden,” a sign that people are interested in the issue of when Hill testified about sexual harassment allegations against Clarence Thomas in a committee Biden ran.

Biden spoke with Hill, in a way she felt was “unsatisfying.”

That was still an issue Friday as Biden apologized for not figuring “out a better way to get this done” as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

There also seems to be some question of Biden’s policies — “Joe Biden political views” and “Joe Biden beliefs” were big search terms.

As for Biden’s leading rival, the Bernie Sanders comment about wanting the Boston Marathon bomber to be able to vote was the number one term related to the Vermont senator. People searching for Sanders also were interested in Biden’s age.

For Warren, “Elizabeth Warren student debt relief” was the top search term. Warren has proposed eliminating $640 billion of student debt.

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