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• ICE 9 Technology – Cool Auto-Trading Software Or Scam? •

The ICE 9 Technology offering by Aaron Palmer is tempting to sign up for, but is ICE 9 Technology a scam? Recently there appears to have been a rash of binary options trading scams hitting the market, all of which were very cleverly produced. To me it seems that they are basically all trying to reproduce what the NEO2 software has brought to the market, since it comes with the personal support of Michael Freeman. He is a real person and highly respected in the binary options industry, and well known for his massive invitation-only Facebook trading group, gigantic YouTube channel, money give-aways and charitable donations. The question still remains if ICE 9 Technology can be trusted or not, so let’s dig into that and get some answers shall we?

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UPDATE: 27 May 2016 – We’ve been getting negative reports about this system and therefore we suggest that you rather consider some of the other recommended systems such as the WikiTrader that is suddenly very popular.

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What Does ICE 9 Technology Claim To Do For You?

The basic claim made by the software does not sound outlandish, and I can tell you that making $4,900 in a week with binary options trading is definitely possible. There were recently some other scams that made the audacious claim that they have made billions (yes, with a “B”) with their software, and that’s so laughable that I almost didn’t even wanted to waste my time writing a review about it. Unfortunately people fall for scams like that, so I try to warn them. However, with the ICE 9 Technology I can’t immediately pin it down as a scam, since they’re not going to crazy claims, and that’s a good thing. I still felt compelled to make Aaron Palmer look like a doofus in my screen capture though, but that was mostly their fault since their video does not allow you to pause it – why not Aaron??

claims made by ICE 9 Technology software

So what we’re told by Aaron Palmer, the founder and lead programmer of ICE 9 Technology, is that he stumbled upon the fact that Google does not immediately pick up on new information contained in blogs and other websites, there is a bit of a lag. He calculated it to be around 45 minutes on average. Now, in my experience, that is partially true, Google does not always pick up new information, and sometimes it can take much longer than 45 minutes. In the case of a blog like EasyTradingSignals.com, it often takes less than 45 seconds, so there is a big gap there. There are also ways to let Google know that you have new information available, but that does not always work for all websites.

The point is that he has a point (haha), but how exactly that is applied to trading by the ICE 9 Technology scam is not entirely clear. Stock exchanges and traders actually don’t rely on Google to feed them news, they all have their own news feeds. Some of which are even publicly available, such as the news feed provided by Nasdaq, the London Stock Exchange or even just by filtering the news from the news giant Reuters to “company news” you can get a wealth of information about almost any event that might influence the market.

The problem is that often there is just too much information, and I would expect that the software created by Aaron Palmer would rather parse all of that information before the rest of the world gets to read and digest it instead of just avoiding a bit of a time lag. None of that is really explained or hinted at, so I’m not sure what to make of it.

ICE 9 Technology: Scam? Authenticity?

The presentation video appears to throw around some pretty big names, but I haven’t been able to either confirm or deny any of them as truly real or absolutely fake, which I feel is a bit of a problem. So they have John Farrady, which according to them worked for Citigroup previously, it’s such a big company that I couldn’t find this guy, but who knows, maybe he actually exists.

John Farraday Citigroup?

He now has apparently taken on the role of ice9 technology CEO (I still don’t know if it should be written with a capital as ICE 9 Technology or not, guess it doesn’t matter that much), and then we also have comments made by Rami Bendayan from Innotrade, but after checking a couple of sites, I couldn’t find a link between a guy called Rami Bendayan and Innotrade, maybe they meant InnovanceTech.com, but that company isn’t run by Rami Bendayan, although they do some very interesting machine learning work with trading indicators.

Rami Bendayan Innotrade SpotOption

The ICE 9 Technology presentation video refers to one or two other very important sounding people as well, but none of it completely definitively proves the software to be real. Even though there are quick glimpses of what the software looks like, there also does not appear to be a real demo of what the software can do. I tried to follow the link on the ICE 9 Technology site to where you can sign up to see a demo, but it didn’t work for me. Maybe it’s still a bit too early or they had a glitch, not really sure.

ICE 9 Technology (Scam?) Review Findings

I’m in two minds about this software, one the one hand there does not appear to be any real proof of how the sofware performs, other than some anecdotal references by people I couldn’t confirm really are who they claim to be. On the other hand, the whole approach is far less pushy and scammy than some other recent offerings, so that counts in favor of ICE 9 Technology.

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Even if you mess up and go for a bad system, or else if ICE 9 Technology just won’t work for you, we’ve got you protected with our “ETS Satisfaction Guarantee“. In order to check it out, click the badge below.

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  1. Ice 9 Technology looks like a copycat of Neo2 to me. I wouldn’t really trust this system.

  2. Unfortunately I go caught and lost my full $300 deposit in 24 hours. Thanks for exposing them

  3. Ice9 technology actually looked like a viable option. Thanks for the update, you’ve possibly just saved me money. Better safe than sorry,I’m staying away! Cheers.

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