Trade Ideas score results

Trade Ideas launched SCoRe (Stock Composite Rating) in 2018, and our subscribers have benefited a lot since then from this top growth stock identifying algorithm. Trade Ideas SCoRe is a proprietary formula that measures the strength of stocks based on their powerful analytics technology platform and fundamental analysis metrics. To create the Trade Ideas SCoRe rating, they use more than 17 statistics to measure each SCoRe. The SCoRe of a stock falls between 30 to 100, with a maximum value of 100 for a top score. Unlike other scoring systems, SCoRe is dynamic and will change in real time during real-time market trading hours.

This is a list of stocks with the highest ratings as of August 5, 2020.

Trade Ideas SCoRe

Since Trade Ideas has a group of verified professional traders, their focus is on technical analysis. The top list above only looks at stocks with a SCoRe greater than 90 to ensure that all stocks on the list they provide to our clients have very bullish charts. But we have incorporated enough statistics to ensure that the companies listed are also fundamentally healthy and shows strong growth. Yes, this will naturally include the usual suspects such as AMZN, GOOG, AAPL, etc. However, this process will also find many hidden gems listed in the Trade Ideas SCoRe filter that other services often miss. But don’t just believe their word for it. Let’s look at some figures of their results to date.

The numbers below compare the Trade Ideas SCoRe stocks and major indices, but let’s first look at the allocation of SCoRe stock.

Trade-ideas score

*Purchase the top 25 stocks in the “Trade Ideas SCoRe Toplist” at the beginning of each quarter in 2020 (equivalent weighting, trading at least 1 million shares per day), and then sell them at the end of each quarter. Re-adjust the balance on the first day of each quarter and make the same adjustments in subsequent quarters.

Here is a comparison with the main indexes:

Trade Ideas score results

I think that it’s pretty obvious that these numbers are amazing! Do you know how many funds beat QQQ to 12.7% each year, not many! We regularly tell customers: “Don’t make trading and investment more difficult than it should be.” Trading Ideas Stock Comprehensive Score (ScoRe) will help you simplify your trading and be more successful at the same time.

Therefore, if you are a subscriber of Trade Ideas’ award-winning software already, then you may want to pay more attention to SCoRE if you are not currently doing it. If you haven’t subscribed to their services yet, what are you waiting for?

You can even test the Trade Ideas strategies on their simulated trading platform!

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