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Four in 10 parents would switch doctors if their pediatrician also treated anti-vaxxer families

Health providers are in a ‘challenging position’ in the vaccination debate, research shows.

The relatable reason why the ‘tooth fairy’ is leaving less money under the pillow these days

Parents share their going exchange rate per tooth — which has dropped almost 50 cents.

‘Wine country’ doesn’t have to mean Napa and Sonoma: Here are 10 off-the-beaten-path wine destinations

California’s famed Napa Valley and neighboring Sonoma get the publicity, but you’ll find a nice glass of local vino in these less-obvious locales.

The father of my child is addicted to buying designer brands — and wants to buy a Jaguar before we buy a house

‘I grew up the only child, while he grew up in a not-so stable environment.’

My elderly father refuses to use his oxygen tank — will our stepmother get all his money if he dies without a will?

‘The only end-of-life planning he will allow is that we need to throw a big party and have the funeral at his church.’

How much would it cost to buy Greenland — and how would you calculate that price?

A thought experiment for a real-estate play that might not be real.

My aunt is stealing my dead mother’s Social Security and persuaded my hospitalized father to sign over power of attorney

‘My father was recently very sick and in the hospital, and he was not in his right mind.’

This 34-year-old paid off $81,000 in student debt, but not before it took a toll on her mental health

‘We need to make sure college students have access to financial education.’

Obamacare is closing the coverage gap between rich and poor, black and white

New research puts numbers on the shrinking health-care coverage gap, but notes the law’s future is uncertain.

The CDC is probing a link between e-cigarettes and lung illness

The agency says ‘more information is needed to determine what is causing the illnesses.’

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Trump bashes Fed’s ‘lack of vision’ as White House reportedly mulls payroll tax cut

President Trump on Monday criticized Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell ahead of the central banker’s highly anticipated speech later this week.

Here’s how much the global economy stands to lose — even more for the U.S. — if the Paris climate pact is ignored

Unchecked climate change will hurt all economies by 2100, a team of University of Cambridge researchers argues. Their findings belie speculation that wealthier nations might escape the most harmful repercussions of the upward trajectory of carbon emissions.

Fed’s Rosengren says cutting interest rates now would make next recession worse

Cutting interest rates now would only encourage homeowners and firms to take on more debt, which might exacerbate the next recession, Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren said Monday.

This chart shows the obscene amount of swearing lawmakers are doing in public

Political swears have hit an all-time high of 1,225 instances on Twitter, a new analysis finds.

Denmark’s prime minister laughs off Trump’s ‘absurd’ idea of buying Greenland

‘Greenland is not Danish. Greenland is Greenlandic,’ she said Sunday in an interview translated by ABC News. ‘I persistently hope that this is not something that is seriously meant.’

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