Should annuities pay out the same for men and women?


My previous post on the idea of allowing workers to buy cheap inflation-indexed annuities through Social Security with some of their 401(k) holdings raised a question: would men and women get the same monthly benefit for their premium as under private sector defined-benefit plans or different amounts as occurs todayRead More →

NGM Biopharmaceuticals And NGM282 In NASH, And The Market Assessment – NGM Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:NGM)


Market Assessment NGM Biopharmaceuticals Inc. (NGM) is a small-cap ($1B) clinical-stage biopharma that recently launched a successful IPO. In the last decade since its establishment in 2007, NGM has engaged in the discovery and development of innovative investigative drug candidates for cardio-metabolic and liver diseases. This is reflected in multipleRead More →

Goldman says Trump tariff threat ‘raises odds of further tariff escalation’ as stock market’s calm phase ends abruptly


A period of relative placidity in global markets has come to a screeching halt amid President Donald Trump’s elevated, and surprising, truculence on China tariffs, prompting strategists at Goldman Sachs to increase in their forecast the chances for an escalation of international trade tensions. Although the strategists believe there isRead More →

Getting Ready For The Next Recession – Prepare Now


In a recession, almost every equity sector loses in value. This is inevitable as investors panic and sell-off risk-based investments to increase cash levels and reallocate into safer investments. Today, we are 10 years into an economic expansion that was greatly pumped up by various forms of stimulus. More commonly,Read More →

More proof that millennials are beer snobs


People spend more on craft beer every month than they do on their monthly cell phone and utilities bills. Drinkers are shelling out an average of $59 per month on beer, a new survey from Chicago-based market insights agency C+R research, found. Millennials spend $5 more. More than half (56%)Read More →