Hoffman Stein Nexus app by Dr. Anthony Henderson looks like a good investment strategy, but is it really? If you are looking to start investing, binary options provide an excellent way to go about it while limiting your risk. Trading usually requires you to monitor your trades constantly in some form or fashion. It is for this reason that many people turn to binary trading apps and software that will keep tabs on these investments and allow you to capitalize on your trades. One of the newest platforms that people turn to in this regard is the Hoffman Stein Nexus app. A lot has been written about this software package and a number of people have signed up for it, but is it worth it?

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#1: Hoffman Stein Follows The Same Unethical Practices As Other Rip-Off Software

One of the most damning reasons to stay away from this Hoffman Stein Nexus app software is that it follows many of the same unethical processes that other companies like this do. For example, in the advertising for this product, they claim that you can make plenty of money without having to put down an investment. Claims like these are easily debunked, since it goes without saying that the only way to make money in investing is to invest money. Any company that makes these kinds of claims instantly strips away all credibility and should raise red flags if you are thinking about using their software platform.

Right from the start the video urges people that are currently in debt and under financial stress to sign up for the software, because they claim by the very next day all their financial troubles will be over and they will be able to afford expensive cars and buy big houses. That is despicable! Throughout our EasyTradingSignals.com site you will see statements to exactly the opposite, you should not invest money in trading that you cannot afford to lose, that is rule number one! Trading always involves risk, and if that risk is too great for you to bear, then you have no business trading with that amount of money.

hoffman stein nexus app scam


The reasons that the Hoffman Stein nexus app is not credible and should be avoided continues to add up, but this is the primary reason that you should steer clear of it.

#2: The Advertisers Make Claims That The Hoffman Stein Software Cannot And Doesn’t Uphold

When it comes to whether or not you should purchase a binary trading option platform, you need to consider the fact that the Hoffman Stein app continuously makes claims that cannot be depended upon. For instance, while many companies use hyperbole when advertising, this software provider flat out lies.

They supposedly show trading results, but when you look at it a bit closer, you will see that out of the 6 trades they show, 4 were losses. Then later they show the exact same trades, but now they claim that their balance has gone up to $6,383.71 while they’re still showing the same losses with the most recent trades at the top.

hoffman stein scam fake trading

Their claims are fabricated, because there has never been a user who has made any documented withdrawals from the software. It has the appearance of a company that is filled with lies and window dressing, and in researching the company, there do not seem to be any points of evidence that would explain otherwise.

They also say that you will make $125,000 per week with their software and that they already made over a million dollars with it in just a month or two, but that is not realistic at all and they show no real proof of the software performing like that.

hoffman stein incredible revenue claims

#3: The Hoffman Stein Testimonials Feature Actors That Have Been In Other Scams

This can be considered red flag number three. In terms of advertising, this company commits another offense that just makes you scratch your head. The people in their testimonial videos are clearly actors. To add insult to injury, these same actors have appeared in testimonial videos for other scam products! The people in the video have been exposed as actors that have offered their services to appear on Fiverr. Because of this, you will need to be fully aware of everything in front of your and make the wise decision to steer clear of this deceitful app.

hoffman stein fake testimonials

But wait! There’s more…

#4: Hoffman Stein Is Essentially A Pretend Company

Not only is this Hoffman Stein Nexus app clearly produced by a company that is not reputable, it also doesn’t appear to be a real company at all. The person who claims to be the owner and CEO of this “company” never actually appears in the video. They show a person that supposedly is Dr. Anthony Henderson, but he just appears in various poses and smiles, so clearly that’s just an actor. This yet another reason that you should be mindful of this app and their inability to deliver on any of the many promises that they have set out.

#5: There Are Many Better Options Out There

When it comes to binary trading apps, steer clear of this one because there are so many better options out there. If you want to truly make the most of this investment opportunity, you should do all that you can to get the most out of other reputable apps and stay far away from the Hoffman Stein Nexus app.

As you can see, your money is better spent elsewhere, so in terms of this review, you will be much better off leaving this system alone. Do your own due diligence in finding the right software that fits your lifestyle and your investment needs. This way, you will always know that you are in good hands in terms of your binary trading needs.

You can make money with binary options trading, just not with this fake system. Please take a look at our top binary options systems and their reviews.

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