It’s important that you read this Guaranteed Payouts review because it could save you from losing your money. The Guaranteed Payouts scam is just another generic Binary Options system that is out to drain your account, and line their pockets.

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The Guaranteed Payouts Scam And Why You Should Avoid It

The supposed developer of the Guaranteed Payouts system, Victor Langley, tells us that the he was previously an engineer of an unnamed “global networks company” and that this background provided him with the key to create the Guaranteed Payouts scam software. Victor Langley claims that because of the work he did, he got to meet a lot of interesting people, and that some of them were analysts involved in trading assets like crude oil, gold, silver and platinum.

He tells us that it was during his travels that he discovered this “anomaly” due to the way in which computers communicate between each other over networks. It only takes a fraction of a second for information to pass from one computer to another. He tells us that his position as a senior network engineer gave him access to the log files of all these computers, and this is where he gained the knowledge of when and how to trade.

Guaranteed Income scam system

His bogus story is that by analyzing these log files, he was able to “analyze the actual buying and selling of assets”, and that he could do this “fractions of a second before they were synchronized across the global network”. I’m quoting all of this directly because it might otherwise sound like I’m making it all up. As you can see from the screen captures, it’s all there in the Guaranteed Payouts scam video!

Guaranteed Payouts review

We’re told that due to this he could determine which trades were going to win with remarkable accuracy. All of this is complete nonsense!

Guaranteed Payouts review

What the clever marketers of the Guaranteed Payouts scam are doing here, is to tell you a story that might sound believable if you’re not familiar with how computers really function and how networks are utilized. Thankfully, I have a background in computers as well as software development, so I know a thing or two about how this really works.

So let’s break this down. Like all good lies, there is a fraction of truth to this fantastical story that we’re told by the Guaranteed Payouts scam. Computers really do communicate over networks, and it really does take fractions of a second for the information to be passed between systems. So far so good. The first blatant lie comes in play when we’re told that Victor Langley had access to all the log files of these systems. There simply is no log that is kept for all network communications in the way that he describes it.

Secondly, even if you could, you would definitely not have access to all of the computer systems. That would be what we call “hacking”. So, unless Victor is admitting to hacking all of these networks, he would not have access to the information carried between all of these computers. This is not “publicly available raw data” as he describes, that can be utilized by the Guaranteed Payouts scam software.

Let us suspend our disbelief for awhile, and assume that by some or other hack of the networks, he could actually decrypt the information and read what each message contained. This would still not mean that he would have instant access to which trades will win! Where does he gain that information from? We are never told this, and he cannot tell us because it is all just a lie! This is the type of deception used by the Guaranteed Payouts scam to mess with your mind.

This whole story is like a fairy tale that someone dreamed up about what they would like to be possible, and that’s exactly what they’re trying to sell to you! Don’t fall for it, the whole Guaranteed Payouts scam is all bogus! None of what he says about how the Guaranteed Payouts scam works is based on any truth.

Victor Langley tells us that he met another systems engineer called Nigel, and that they discussed how computers communicate with each other across the globe and how the “synchronization between them relies on the fundamental laws of physics.” The only thing that he could possibly be referring to here is the speed at which electricity travels across the wires inside network cables, or possibly even fiber optic cables that utilize light for the information exchange between systems. How fast those messages travel are of course still bound to how fast electricity or light can travel, but it has nothing to do with what he describes!

The type of trading system that is described here sounds far more like High Frequency Trading (HFT), and what happens with this type of trading is that the fastest network and fastest computers get to trade the latency between the request to execute a trade compared to the actual execution. You can read more about the technical setup of such a system in this Forbes article about the technology behind HFT platforms.

This has NOTHING to do with Binary Options trading and nothing to do with the Guaranteed Payouts scam software. So even if you were to build a system like this, it would not help you one little bit when trading Binary Options.

Guaranteed Payouts Review Conclusion

Do you now see how the Guaranteed Payouts scam you to make you believe that what they describe is what you are going to get? They mix half-truths with fantasy and you end up with an empty trading account! I sincerely hope that this Guaranteed Payouts review has made it clear that you should not trust this system.

I fully understand that you came to this site to find out more about Binary Options trading, and you were hoping to find answers. I can assure you that you have come to the right place. There is no doubt that you can make money trading Binary Options, however, you will have to put in a bit more effort than just relying on a crazy auto-trading robot to do it all for you. If you’re willing to put in a little more effort, you will see that it can be very rewarding.

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