The Republican National Committee drew outrage for stoking an ethnic stereotype Sunday, tweeting a St. Patrick’s Day message of “please drink responsibly” with a doctored photo of Democratic presidential candidate — and “noted Irishman” — Beto O’Rourke’s 1998 mugshot for a DUI arrest.

Speaking in Wisconsin on Sunday, O’Rourke did not address the tweet directly, but spoke in more general terms about the state of political discourse: “We cannot meet this challenge with more partisanship, more pettiness, more meanness, more personal and partisan attacks.”

Michigan Republican Rep. Justin Amash was more blunt. “Do better, @GOP. Be better.”

A number of Republican strategists joined the criticism. Doug Stafford, chief strategist for Sen. Rand Paul, implied that whoever sent the tweet was an “idiot.”

John Weaver, a strategist for former Ohio Gov. John Kasich, called the “vile tweet” an “attack on all races.”

“As an Irishman this is deplorable. As an American it is unpatriotic. As a human it is racist,” tweeted Matthew Dowd, an analyst for ABC News and former strategist for President George W. Bush.

They weren’t the only ones on social media questioning the tweet’s taste and strategic value.

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