Whenever a new offer like Fast Cash Biz comes along, we are cautious by default. Our FastCash.biz review is no different. Our first reaction to this is that is is a scam, but darn, it looks impressive! The FastCash.biz site has a number of signals that has really made us wonder how to classify this new offer by Madison Clark and David Graham.

Disclosure: We might get a commission fee if you sign up through any of our links.

Let’s start off with a couple of things that we picked up that makes them stand out. Firstly, FastCash.biz has a full set of pages that covers things like terms and conditions, they have a privacy policy, a support email that actually works. Most surprisingly of all, Fast Cash Biz has a page that covers Government Disclaimers and even an Earnings Disclaimer page! Now why would they bother to do all of that, and just be a scam like so many others? As I said in the introduction, FastCash.biz is definitely not a system that we’re just laughing off within the first 30 seconds of our evaluation.

IMPORTANT UPDATE – Rating Dropped To SCAM: 14 December 2015

We’re removing FastCash.biz from our list of top systems since we are no longer getting good feedback from members and we’ve heard of some irregularities. Rather take a look at our other top signal services, and especially a system like Mike’s AutoTrader and Facebook Group Signals combo that has proven itself over and over.

The moment I changed the review to negative, I strangely enough got an email from a guy saying that I shouldn’t do it, and that he’s still making a lot of money with FastCash.biz. Honestly, at this point I simply don’t believe the guy, and I think he might actually be working for the FastCash.biz guys or something – or maybe it’s even the dude in the private jet himself! Either way, I’m changing the review to a scam rating, unless I get a lot of positive feedback from all my loyal readers saying that you’re still making money with this system.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: 16 October 2015

We can now confirm that we have had multiple reports of Fast Cash Biz performing very well in multiple tests over several days. We’re glad to see that our initial gut feel for this system has been accurate. We continue to get very good reports about Fast Cash Biz, and this is really shaping up to be a very solid system. Users are reporting accuracy rates for FastCash.biz to be around 85%, which is really very good. Our sources are reputable people that we know and trust, not just random posts and emails claiming they made a lot of money with Fast Cash Biz.

Fast Cash Biz results

We have to point out that the software is not a fully automated system. In contacting the developers, we have learned that due to legal restrictions in some countries where completely automated trading bots are not allowed, they have decided to not make a completely automated system. This is actually a good thing, since you still only need to click a button to make the suggested trades, but you also gain more control over your account.

You will also see that Fast Cash Biz not only allows you to trade Forex, but they also offer a lot of stocks to trade. This certainly diversifies your portfolio and generally we feel this is a good idea.

Fast Cash Biz stocks trading

Most of the trades are longer term, ranging from about 3 hours to end-of-day trades. This means that you don’t get to hit the trade button multiple times per hour, but it does translate into more stable profits.

The withdrawal process for FastCash.biz has also been tested, with some very impressive results. The winnings were all paid out within 3 business days, which is almost unheard of. Usually payouts can easy take up to two weeks to process. The reason it normally takes this long, is because the brokers are required by law to make absolutely sure that the money is paid out to a legitimate person and to the right account. All of the red tape is supposed to protect you, although it can feel frustrating.

We encourage you to take a good look at Fast Cash Biz, and please let us know what your results are.

FastCash.biz Review Summary

  • Annoying Browser Pop-Ups: Yes
  • Fake Scarcity Counter: No
  • Paid Actor Testimonials: No
  • Impossible Revenue Gains: Maybe
  • Comes Across As Authentic: Yes
  • Convincing Proof of Profits: Maybe
  • Possibility of Being a Scam: 10%
  • Price: Free. Have to sign up with one of their brokers.

We were also pleasantly surprised to not be bombarded by a “limited seats available” type of counter, but they do not want you to leave since you will encounter a number of pop-ups as you try to exit the site. The irony is that it’s actually well done, and I found myself not immediately closing the site. I’m not sure if that is just because the FastCash.biz guys are that good or if I was just amazed by the beautiful home they were showing.

The Fast Cash Biz video is probably one of the first videos we’ve seen that is actually entertaining to watch, in a good way. I had to keep on focusing on actually doing a review, and to not just go sign up immediately myself! It’s that good. Now, I’m still not saying that this system is definitely legit, but if people fly around in a beautiful jet during part of the video, and then drive around in a Bentley, it’s impressive no matter how you look at it.

As usual, we investigated the apparent owners of Fast Cash Biz, Madison Clark and David Graham, and we did not find them on Fiverr.com or other photography sites. I’m not saying that they’re not actors, but if they are, they’re definitely not $5 actors! The FastCash.biz testimonials are very impressive also, and once again, we couldn’t find them on Fiverr.com.

In their FastCash.biz video Madison Clark and David Graham are also up-front about the fact that you need to sign up with a broker, and that you will need to deposit at least $250 to activate your account. They encourage you to deposit more to earn a 100% bonus from the broker – which means that the broker will literally double your trading account – we strongly urge you to first check out what the broker’s terms are with regards to the bonus. Nevertheless, it is very impressive that their brokers are offering this type of bonus.

Fast Cash Biz testimonial

Madison Clark and David Graham don’t claim to have developed the software themselves, David is a binary options trader, and Madison had a lot of good contacts with the best Binary Options brokers. They decided to work together with the brokers’ software developers to create the Fast Cash Biz system.

The results they are showing us on the FastCash.biz site are beyond stunning, and that’s just about the only thing we can find fault with. We feel that they are overstating their profits, as marketers often do. However, we do not think that  Fast Cash Biz is simply a scam, and we have been receiving reports from reputable sources that they got a 90% ITM success rate in a set of 10 test trades. Although 10 trades aren’t definitive proof, we do feel that it at least supports some of the claims that the Fast Cash Biz team is making.

If you’re interested in a fully automated system that trades on your behalf, with the option to pause it at any time you wish, this might be worth looking at. We’re still not 100% convinced, but what can you say against a system where even the presenters wear shirts with the FastCash.biz logo?

In order to protect you and to comply with regulations, all brokers will ask you for some form of visual identification, such as your driver’s license, as well as the last 4 digits of your credit card, and proof of residency. This is standard practice and you should expect to be asked for this type of documentation. However, you should note that they must allow you to blur or block out your driver’s license number and the first digits of your credit card.

Let us know how the  Fast Cash Biz app works for you!

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  1. I tried to sign up with fast ash.biz and was sent to Glenridge as a broker and I haven’t made a deposit because there is no where to make one. Every time I try they tell me my account already exists even though I did not make a deposit. I keep getting emails that I have made this amount of money and I have no clue. Maybe you can straighten
    This out or it’s not meant to be. The amount of money I’m supossedly made is over $50,000. It would be nice. Help, I just get redirected to the same thing and can’t do anything with Glenridge website

    1. Author

      Hi, if you haven’t deposited funds into a broker account and traded with it, then someone is simply trying to scam you by saying that there’s $50,000 waiting for you.

      Sam's Binary Options Reviews
  2. hi there, i already sign up with fast cash biz, but still no deposit yet, they ask me to use Porter Finance as a broker.. is it a good broker? i chk the minimum deposit 200usd

    1. Author

      Hi Anzi, yes, Porter Finance is a reliable broker, I’ve got an account with them.

      Sam's Binary Options Reviews
  3. Are saying that it is safe to send $250,00 to fastcash as the Email ask. Please let me know .

    1. Author

      Hi Patrick, you’re actually not sending money to FastCash at all. You will be funding a trading account with $250 at a broker.

      The trading account and the money is yours, you will simply be using the FastCash system to trade on your behalf. This is an important distinction, remember that unless you sign up for a bonus with the broker (which places certain trade volume restrictions on your withdrawals), you can withdraw your money at any time.

      However, you still need a good broker, so if you tell me which broker you are assigned to, I will do my best to find out if they are reputable.

      Sam's Binary Options Reviews
  4. Thanks for the review. This software is endorsed by many authoritative sites but unfortunately it isn’t available in my country. I don’t even get any form to fill.

  5. I agree with downgrading Fast cash biz. They were really good initially and I made over $3,400 but especially the last two weeks or so has not been great. I always stop it from trading after two losses in a day, but I’ve now gone 3 days without a profit. Thankfully still minimal losses due to my money management. Fast cash biz is just not working for me anymore. Thinking of investing a bit more time and looking at Mike’s Facebook group as you suggested Sam. Thanks!

  6. Author

    Okay, so I’m getting a LOT of spam messages on this post. If you have questions, please feel free to email me. That way I know your email is legit.

    Sam's Binary Options Reviews
  7. Excellent review. I may enroll, but I was referred to a broker last week but they wanted a minimum of more than I was will to pay. I saw your explanation as to why that may have been. Today, I tried another broker and they will not accept Amex. and that is all I have. I am currently seeking a broker who accepts Amex. Thx for your sound ideas.

    1. Author

      Hi Frank, let me know which broker’s you have tried, and I’ll try to find out which ones accept Amex for you.

      Sam's Binary Options Reviews
  8. I tried another binary options trading b/4. I am not that knowledgeable about trading but am intrigued by the earnings potential. I don’t seem to be able to find any place that actually explains the trading process, as in……..once per day you sign in and get signals, or you have to choose which signals to use and decide how much money to apply, etc. I’m trying to get an idea of how to works on a day-to-day basis. Can you point me to some place where I can find this out. The amount of time involved is what I’m looking for. the last one kept me “chained” to the computer, so of course automated sounded good. I was actually looking for a some kind of “managed account”, but this may work, too.
    Ty for your time and loved your review site.

    1. Author

      Hi Mary, first off Fast Cash Biz is not fully automated.

      They ran into some issues since some countries do not allow fully automated trading, so it’s manual. You can basically sign in whenever you have time, pick a trade or two and then check later how they performed. So it’s totally do-able.

      The great thing about this is that it basically frees you from all of the work to analyze markets etc. All that is done for you. I’ve never heard consistently good things about any managed accounts, they tend to first suck you in with good trades, and then start losing after a month or so, requiring you to deposit more money and it’s downhill from there.

      It’s much better to be in control of your account, get some good signals, and execute your own trades. It doesn’t require much time at all. If you want to discuss this some more, or if you have other questions, you’re welcome to contact me directly at: sam@easytradingsignals.com

  9. I have signed with this software, its not fully automated and its not gonna make you millionaire as they mentioned in their marketing video. However their signals are quite impressive and its worth trying though.

    1. Author

      Thank you for the feedback Eliph! I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well with the Fast Cash Biz software! It sounds like your experience is exactly as I predicted, it’s not a scam and it will make a good deal of money for you.

  10. Helpful information. Lucky me I found your site by chance, so glad I did! You’ve already saved me $250 because I almost signed up for the Stock Market Jackpot, but now I’m going to get Fast Cash Biz! I bookmarked your site too.

    1. Author

      Glad to hear that Monte! Really happy that I could save you from the Stock Market Jackpot scam! Let us know how it goes with FastCash.biz okay, we’re still getting really good feedback on it.

  11. Excellent blog you have got here..

    1. Author

      So get it?

  12. Thank you for sharing your info. I truly appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your next
    post thank you once again.

  13. I’ve tried to sing up but it keeps rejecting me Phone #. My # is XXX-XXX-XXXX (Nevada, USA)

    1. Author

      Hi Ralph! It sounds like their system is being flooded with requests. If I were you, I’d try again, but also send them an email: fastcashmembersarea@gmail.com

      If they don’t get back to you by the end of the day, send me an email: sam@easytradingsignals.com and I’ll follow it up directly with them for you!

  14. I am ready to make some money, There was supposed to be a guy calling me this morning. But I never received a call ?

    Brian Shotzberger
    1. Author

      Hi Brian, if they don’t get back to you by the end of the day, please send me an email with your details: sam@easytradingsignals.com and I will follow up with them.

  15. I tried to set up an account with the $250.00 advertised minimum requirement and the broker would not accept it. Said $500.00 was necessary. Our bank refuses to allow funds to be transferred.

    1. Author

      Hi Celeveland. Thank you for reaching out. I’m not aware of why the broker you got would suddenly have raised the amount to $500. If that’s too much for you, I would suggest that you simply wait a bit, and refresh the initial page and then try again to see if you get a different broker. My guess is because this system has suddenly become so popular, some brokers might want to ensure they do not get too many signups on this, so they increase the minimum. A system I tested not too long ago was also supposed to accept $250, but when I got to the broker, they wanted $800 and I had seen reports where people complained that they were asked for $500. So it seems that as time progresses, some brokers increase the initial deposit amount for some signal systems. I would suggest that you refresh the page before the signup, and then try again to see if you get a different broker, they usually rotate. Good luck and let us know how it goes!

  16. hallo hope ifind you well ,my account number is XXXXXX and my check number is XXXX…..

    1. Author

      Hi Manuel. My apologies for editing your comment, but you should NEVER post details like that on a blog. NEVER. I also want to make sure that you understand that I’m not the one providing the software or service. The service is provided by FastCash.biz and the broker you signed up with. You should contact them using the email they provide on their page and with regards to your broker account specifically, you should contact the broker that you signed up with. If you provided them with a valid email when you signed up, you should have received a welcome message and confirmation from them. If you still do not get this resolved after talking to your broker and FastCash.Biz, you’re welcome to contact me again (without your personal account details) and I’ll see what I can do to help. You can contact the FastCash.Biz support at: fastcashmembersarea@gmail.com Your first step is to contact the broker you signed up with.

  17. Love the review! Have been receiving a couple of emails and thought I would check it out. Will keep you up to date with my experience with the software.

    1. Author

      Hi Mareli, thanks! Yes, please let us know if Fast Cash Biz works for you, user feedback is super important.

    2. Hi Mareli, just wondering if your doing good with the system-Fast Cash Biz, binary option!!

      1. Author

        Hi Ray, I’m not sure if Mareli will respond or not, but you’re welcome to look around at other reputable sites such as Keith’s OptionXE.com and the binaryoptionswatchdog.com, both of which have given FastCash.biz their blessing, despite initial concerns. I still think that they are overstating their results by far, but that is unfortunately the nature of marketing these days. If it is not absolutely over-the-top amazing people don’t believe it’s good. Take XE Trader (http://easytradingsignals.com/xetrader-review) for example. They have a truly amazing system, absolutely not a scam, they’re real people and deliver solid results. But you know what? People are very slow to sign up for their service. However, I can guarantee that if they changed their pitch and told people they will make $1 Million in 6 months, they will be swamped with sign-ups. But hey, enough from me, let’s hear how people are doing with FastCash.biz!!! 🙂

  18. My spouse and I stumbled over here from a different website and thought I might as well check things out.
    I like what I see so now i’m following you.
    Look forward to finding out more about binary options trading signals.

    1. Author

      Thanks Linnea, we’re hearing that people aren’t necessarily making Millions with FastCash.biz, but they are reporting that it’s working for them. Looks like it’s making money, but I would still keep an eye on it, and not just let it run unattended on your account.

  19. Looks like just about everyone is positive about Fast Cash biz! I’m gonna sign up today before the beta thing blows over and people don’t make as much money anymore!!

  20. I’ve just checked out the review on binaryoptionswatchdog.com about the Fast Cash business system and they’re giving it a thumbs up too! I’m going to watch the video again and I think I’m going to sign up. Will let you know how it goes!

    1. Author

      Thanks Peter! Really? That’s good to hear! I’d love for you to share your results, post back here in a few days okay?

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