Is The Epic Winner Software Worth Your Money?

Does Epic Winner Software by Jack Spencer work and is it worth your investment and time? That’s what we will be answering in this Epic Winner software review. Binary options is an excellent and affordable trading channel that can add some extra revenue to your income stream. The good news about how easy binary options makes it for ordinary people to get involved in online trading has been spreading through the internet over the past few years.
This resulted in a surge of popularity for trading binary options. At the same time, it also resulted in a sharp increase in binary options trading software and brokers as the demand rose for automated trading systems.
epic winner software scam
There are dozens of binary options trading software suites on the market. Unfortunately, for everyone that can do what it claims there are at least five like Epic Winner software that are nothing more than a scam. Some of them could potentially be used to earn a respectable income, but they often hype themselves up with so many big promises that you cannot possibly take them seriously. Epic Winner software falls very firmly into this particular category.
Unlike fraud sites that do not divulge this, we want to point out something. Irrespective of which link or website you utilize to register for this service, somebody could get a commission. That includes links on this website. Our join links can be trusted, because they are behind SSL HTTPS protection, so you can be certain of the starting point.
You often see buzzwords like “100 percent profit” or “Make millions in only a week” with a lot of these offers such as Epic Winner. Even if you do not see those exact phrases, you have probably seen something similar. The creators of the platform may even show you some fake check stubs or bogus bank accounts with lots of money. They claim this is money made using the system. In reality, it is most likely the work of a talented Photoshop editor.
Not every binary options trading software is bad. You just have to be able to weed through the scams to find the legitimate programs, and that’s where I hope we can be of service to you. Let’s take a look at one of the newest programs called Epic Winner Software and determine whether it is the real deal or something to avoid.

Look At The Epic Winner Software Website

The first step towards determining a program’s legitimacy is looking at their website. The scammy sites always use the same tactics, and it is pretty clear that Epic Winner software is using the same playbook. At first glance, there are a few things that seem alarming. Firstly, at the top of the screen, it reads “This page is by invite only. If you are here, then you are among the lucky ones.” Considering that I was not invited to that page I know they are lying. They are obviously attempting to make me feel as though I am part of something special and exclusive.
Epic Winner Software Jack Spencer
Then, only a few lines below, they begin making some insane income claims. They claim that you can make nearly $1,000 every day after only 25 minutes after signing up for the Epic Winner Software.  So, maybe they aren’t saying you will be a millionaire overnight, but $1,000 a day after only 25 minutes from signing up is still a huge promise, and one I doubt they can deliver on it.
A third alarming detail from their page was the appearance of paid actors in their video testimonials. One actor, in particular, claimed to be a binary options trader for the past 14 years. However, that person is known to be a actor in several video presentations that have been made by multiple companies. The only reason a company would do that is because they cannot get real clients to support their product on film. That should tell you something, right?

Digging Deeper Into The Epic Winner Software

How are they going to make you so much money? They claim to utilize a technique known as compound trading across a number of brokers. They make a trade using your investment and if that trade loses, then they make a follow-up trade with an even larger amount. It is also called martingaling and it can easily wipe out your account.
True, this is a somewhat legitimate trading technique that I know some people use, but not very many and certainly not for very long. It is extremely risky and often only used by traders with huge funds to risk. What about traders who are just starting out? Those who do not have mass funds to gamble with? They are the very same people who are likely to be using an automated program such as this, and those are the people targeted by the Epic Winner software marketers.

Who Are The Epic Winners With This Software?

It is pretty clear that the traders are not the ones who will benefit from this software. That much is evident by the fact that they use paid actors in their “testimonials”. Who does benefit from this program then? Only the brokers and the creators of the Epic Winner product.
The program creators and brokers both make profits from the trades whether you win or lose, so they really do not have an incentive to actually help you pick good quality software. You, on the other hand, will only profit if you consistently win, which is not likely using their trading algorithm.

Epic Winner Software Final Thoughts

While it is true that there are some legitimate binary options trading programs out there that could earn you a lot of money, Epic Winner Software is not one of them. A more appropriate name for this program would be Epic Failure Software! If you are interested in better options, you’re welcome to take a look at our top reviewed systems.