Forex trading system EA

Forex trading system EA

Einstein Trader Review: Getting The Real Scoop On This Forex Trading System

Programs like Einstein Trader focus on people’s desire to make extra money and make promises to help individuals jump to that next level. The question is do they back up their promises or is Einstein Trader a scam that does not stand up to scrutiny?

Read on in this article to learn more and find out from this fully honest and thorough Einstein trader review to see how the software actually holds up. We promise we will give you a lot more than just a thinly veiled affiliate sales pitch.

Just What Is Forex Trading?

Forex trading isn’t the problem when it comes to figuring out whether a software system is legit or not. The problem is in the systems. Forex trading is just the trading of currencies that takes place on the foreign exchange, and has been practiced for many years. While far more volatile than your conventional stock market, and with special mechanisms that set it apart from commodities and stocks, there are many traders who consistently profit from Forex trading and this is certainly a legitimate market.

This process of trading one currency for another is done by many brokers and many types of software. The question is whether or not this system comes through or whether it throws up some red flags.

What Einstein Trader Claims

Einstein Trader claims to be an automated trading system created by William Morrison that helps people become trading millionaires with no experience. Here the idea is that an automated system using the best in pattern recognition software and technology will be enough to create a full automated and profitable way to help individuals build up their fortunes.

They say they use scalping as their method of making successful trades on the Forex. The idea behind scalping is that transactions are lightening quick, with trades that often last only seconds. This reduces the chances of (and level of) losses when a trade turns bad, and profits are made in tiny amounts that add up very quickly due to the leverage that a trader can take advantage of when working specifically in the Forex market.

The software claims to limit losses, help automate trading victories, and can do so without you needing any formal trading.

Are There Any Red Flags?

Unfortunately Einstein Trader is throwing off red flags galore. This looks like the type of trading system that doesn’t back up what it is saying but is instead another scammy robot wrapped up in pretty marketing. Right off the bat, Googling William Morrison or looking around online shows you coming up with nothing. There’s no sign of this person, much less making the type of news this type of a trading breakthrough would make.

Next, in the videos showing the upward trades, the upper right hand corner even says the track record isn’t verified and neither are trading privileges. What exactly does this mean? It means those amazing profits are being shown from a practice account. That’s pretty weird. If this software really is killing it, then why don’t they show real profit charts?

The domain name was only registered in July of 2016, meaning they have not been around for long at all, certainly less than the video seems to indicate. That is plenty shady and doesn’t do a lot to raise the trust levels.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the online chatter you would expect from a system like this and from all those testimonials promising they’d tell friends just doesn’t exist. That is a massive problem and it does not make any sense at all if all this is on the level.

So What’s The Final Verdict?

There are programs out there that can be of enormous benefit, but Einstein Trader is not one of them. At best this is an overpriced system that over promises and under delivers while others would say it is definitely flirting with scam territory. Do yourself a favor and skip this one: you and your wallet will be happy you did. Protection Status