ea pip scalper review

EA Pip Scalper MT4/MT5 EA Trading Bot Review

This EA Pip Scalper review will show you how using an Expert Advisor (EA) for MT4/MT5 like EA Pip Scalper can help your trading and reveal why you have been struggling trading in the foreign exchange. There are essentially two types of traders, long-term investors, and day-traders. Long-term traders generally look at big events or macro economic factors, but for most traders that type of approach is not feasible. Day traders are often technical traders that rely on a variety of complex trading techniques and strategies to profit in the market. This makes it difficult for novices to participate in foreign exchange trading. That’s where the EA Pip Scalper for MT4/MT5 comes in!

NEW SETTINGS UPDATE 2020/11/25!! And NEW VERSION UPDATE 2020/11/09 – Click Here!


Take note.

Trading is not easy, and don’t let anyone tell you differently, but the best Forex trading EAs (or commonly known as “Bots” or “trading robots”) should help you trade much better than the typical trader would have been able to by themselves. Based on what I’ve seen thus far, the EA Pip Scalper MT4/MT5 EA Trading bot is one of those top tier trading expert advisors. In fact, it’s the best MT4/MT5 EA I’ve ever seen!

Having an EA like Pip Scalper is like having an award-winning recipe for a delicious cake. You don’t need to be an expert baker when you have the expert advisor’s recipe on what to do! With the emergence of the latest technology, algorithmic trading has been made available to non-experts because the software is doing the hard work. In algorithmic trading, the market is scanned automatically for trading opportunities, without any manual intervention. The EA Pip Scalper expert advisor follows the best trading strategy or “recipe”, with specific instructions to execute orders.

However, there are many companies in the market that now provide trading robot services to interested people.

How do you choose the best EA?

Many of these other EA robots may have been designed by a group of developers without any technical trading experience. Therefore, choosing a reliable, profitable and intelligent trading robot is essential to your success. Just like there are many recipes for cake, not all of them are equally good. The best cakes, much like the best EAs, are created by experts and thoroughly tested.

EA Pip Scalper is one of the most advanced expert advisor trading robots I’ve ever seen.

EA Pip Scalper backtest

Hands down.

It is brand new, packed full of trading strategies that work in this unprecedented market, and has been developed over an intensive 6 months by top developers with the oversight of a group of experienced traders, and then tested exhaustively. You have to see it!

The EA Pip Scalper is different from the most typical trading robots on the market. Our team of traders have used and tested this service over the last few week to analyze its performance for ourselves, and the results are excellent! In fact, at one point we debated whether we should maybe just keep it to ourselves, and we may still do that. For now however, the EA Pip Scalper is still available on the market.

It’s your choice.

In this article, we will review EA Pip Scalper in detail, and analyze all the features of this expert advisor. After getting a better understanding about how this Forex trading robot works as an expert advisor, you can decide whether the EA is suitable for you.

EA Pip Scalper Review

If there is one thing that makes Pip Scalper EA different from other trading robots, it is the revolutionary technology behind the EA.

How does the EA Pip Scalper trader work?

EPS Features And Benefits

  • This is a fully automated MT4/MT5 Expert Advisor (Bot)
    • This is not just a trading indicator, it is a full-featured MT4/MT5 EA that is capable of entering and exiting trades on your behalf completely by itself
    • You still have full control over it, because it will be running on your own computer
  • It will trade ANY available asset you want it to
    • Whatever your broker gives you access to for trading on the MT4 or MT5 trading platform is what you will be able to trade with the EA Pip Scalper
    • You can trade multiple Forex pairs, Gold, Silver or any other assets that are available to you
  • It can trade any timeframe you prefer
    • The initial setting is for 1 hour on the EURUSD, but you can change that to any other timeframe you want
    • If you want to see more trades, you can make the timeframe shorter or lengthen it to whatever suits you
  • You can do your own demo testing / back testing
    • You get the full package, which also means that you are free to do your own testing
    • Set up your own timeframes and assets and do your own demo testing to see what works best!
  • Determine your own risk vs. reward settings
    • You’re in control here! You can set your risk as low or as high as you want, the software will follow your lead
  • Ready to start trading out of the box with powerful trading algorithms
    • The EA Pip Scalper is ready to trade as soon as you have installed it! You don’t have to change anything, it’s ready to go
  • Created for, and with today’s market in mind
    • This software EA was created specifically for our current market conditions and you can continue to optimize it to adapt to market conditions
  • 100% No repainting EA
    • The term “repainting” refers to when an indicator or an EA shows (or “paints”) something onto the chart (like a buy or sell arrow) and then removes it. In other words, the EA “paints over” or repaints what it did before, often hiding bad buy or sell entries in the process. The EA Pip Scalper does not repaint, which means that the signals you see are what you get when you run it live.
  • Pick from multiple trading styles
    • This EA Pip Scalper review would not be complete if I did not mention the Six different trading strategies, each with several options that allows you to tweak and combine the trading style of the EA to exactly what works best for you! It also has Five different closing strategies, as well as automated profit taking and stop loss levels, and even a trailing stop option. I’ve never seen this level of control in any other EA, and if you’re not interested in changing anything, then you don’t have to do a thing, just start it up and let it trade
  • It saves you time
    • The beauty of using an EA like Pip Scalper to trade for you is that it’s the best of both worlds. You set it up to run the way you want, and then it does it’s job, so no more missed trades because you had to attend a meeting or have dinner with family. It does the “dirty” work of monitoring the market constantly so that you can relax
  • User-friendly interface
    • Despite being a very powerful EA with a lot of settings for when you want to test things out, the interface is still very user-friendly and easy to interpret. If you get stuck, just ask and we’ll be more than happy to help!
  • EA Pip Scalper is easy to install 
    • The process of installing an EA for MT4/MT5 is well-documented and easy to follow. The EA Pip Scalper is installed in the same way as any MT4/MT5 Expert Advisor
  • Use any Broker you want
    • Unlike some EAs that tie you down to a specific broker, or scam EAs that want you to run on their servers so they can steal your money, the EA Pip Scalper runs on your computer, using your broker. We’re not even interested in telling you who to choose as long as you use a regulated and safe broker that you feel comfortable with
  • No subscriptions
    • I actually thought this was a typo, but it’s true! There are no subscriptions for the Pip Scalper! You just pay once, and that’s it!
  • No “upsells” and No additional fees
    • You are not charged any other additional fees for the EA Pip Scalper, there are no so-called “upsells” that push you to spend more money for additional features. Just one up-front fee, that’s all
  • One-time payment – lifetime access
    • To be absolutely clear, there is only a one-time payment to give you full access to this software!
  • Get 24/7 support
    • You are not alone, get community support and official support from the EA creators whenever it is necessary


Is EA Pip Scalper regulated?

As a software publisher, IT technology owner and management company, Pip Scalper EA does not need to be regulated. However, EA Pip Scalper cooperates with leading financial platforms in Europe, the United States and elsewhere and endeavor to ensure that you get a software product that adheres to the highest software standards. They are in this for the long run, and that means they want you to succeed so that they can succeed as well.

EA Pip Scalper robot trading strategy

The Expert Advisor Pip Scalper robot trades whenever one or more of it’s Six trading strategies are triggered to enter a trade. It sets a Stop-loss level, and monitors the trade to either exit early if it thinks that the market is going to move against it, by using one of it’s Five different closing strategies, or takes profit when the target is met.

Exactly how the EA makes all of this work together to profit you is of course a trade secret, but you can tweak the “personality” of the EA to a large degree, so that it trades its strategies in the way that you want it to trade.

Each of it’s six different trading strategies has up to Eight different settings that you can change, experiment with and back-test as much as you want. This gives you a very large set of possible trading strategies to let your EA Pip Scalper run for you, but remember you don’t have to do this, you have the option to simply keep the default strategies as-is.

As the markets change over time, the settings that are optimal may change, and when they do any new settings will be made available, or you can simply choose to do your own thing and keep your own optimal settings as your little secret, it’s up to you! I expect that the EA Pip Scalper community will be growing and that fellow traders will be sharing their best settings with others. I know I will definitely be doing that, because then we all benefit and the Forex market is certainly big enough for all of us, it’s not like the cutthroat “penny stocks” where one big trader can literally kill the market value of a stock for everyone else.


At present, the main focus of the EA Pip Scalper is the EUR/USD foreign exchange currency pair. The reason for this is simple, it is the most commonly traded currency pair by a very large margin. If you are into trading purely for your own entertainment, and if that entertainment involves trading exotic currency pairs, then the business-like focus of the EA might be a disappointment. The EA was created to make money, and to do that most efficiently, it is focused on trading the EURO / USD currency pair.

If you are looking for alternative currency pairs to trade, there are no restrictions. You are welcome to experiment as much as you like with any currency pair or any other asset that your broker allows you to trade on the MT4/MT5 trading platform – the EA Pip Scalper will trade them all. Who knows, you may even find a currency pair that it trades more effectively and with a higher profit margin!


How much money do you need to trade with?

This EA Pip Scalper review is different from a lot of other EA reviews, because unlike a lot of other reviews of top MT4/MT5 Expert Advisor EAs, I’m not going to try and convince you to put a lot of money into your account to trade with.

On the contrary.

EA Pip Scalper

You should always only trade with money that you are willing to lose, or else you start acting out of desperation. That’s a bad spot to be in, even if you’re using an EA to trade for you, because it will make you second-guess the EA’s strategies and interfere with how it works before it can even completes it’s trades successfully – I know, I’ve seen it happen.

You can start with as little as $100, or whatever the limit is of your particular broker is.

You honestly do not need thousands of dollars to start trading with the EA Pip Scalper, review how it works for you, use an amount that you’re comfortable with, test it out thoroughly, take your time (remember, there are no subscription dues to worry about).


Customer reviews

I’ll constantly be updating this section with new results as I get them, but the feedback that I have seen thus far has been very positive. It has in fact been so good that I’m hesitant to post it here because it will sound like it’s made up. The words “gushing enthusiasm” comes to mind, and a few have even asked us to stop selling the EA Pip Scalper because they don’t want to share it. I think that’s selfish, why not share something that works instead of scam junk EA systems that just want to grab your money!

Pros and Cons of EA Pip Scalper: Review


  1. In this EA Pip Scalper review, we’ve said that this EA is suitable for novice traders because it makes it easier for you to trade. It adds stop-loss levels that a lot of new traders don’t do, even though everyone tells them to. It also exists out of bad trades early if it detects that a trade is heading in the wrong way, which once again is better trading sense than 90% of day traders that hold on to losing trades until it wipes their accounts.
  2. No manual intervention is required, the entire trading process of EA Pip Scalper is fully automated. All you have to do is to open an account with a broker, attach the EA to any MetaTrader (MT4/MT5) chart and start the Expert Advisor.
  3. It has Six different trading strategies to enter trades, and Five exit/profit taking strategies, and you can tweak those settings if you want.
  4. The results we’ve seen thus far are nothing short of amazing! Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future success, but that’s the best measure I know of!
  5. You are in control, the EA runs on your computer and you connect it to your broker, there are no hazy cloud controlled servers that could be anywhere, and where virtually everyone has access to your account
  6. No subscriptions. It’s a once-off payment only! Check their site for pricing details.


  1. You have to download and link up the EA, but it’s a small amount of effort that’s easily done in a few minutes
  2. It won’t make you a millionaire in a week, this is not an EA Pip Scalper scam, it’s a proper Expert Advisor that you can back-test yourself
  3. It’s not cheap, good things aren’t cheap


Conclusion EA Pip Scalper: Review

This is the best MetaTrader MT4/MT5 Expert Advisor EA that I’ve ever seen, plain and simple. I know it’s not cheap, but this is an opportunity that you have right now, no-one is forcing you to join. Make up your own mind to join in and pay the once-off fee for the EA Pip Scalper, or simply move on.


Are You New To MetaTrader MT4/MT5?

Free Resources For You

If you’re a newbie MetaTrader user and installing the EA Pip Scalper sounds daunting, or if you’re just interested in getting some extra indicators and a nice clean template for your charts, then don’t worry!

Just follow the links below for step-by-step instructions on how to install MT4 indicators, along with some PDFs that you’re welcome to download.

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ea pip scalper review



EA Pip Scalper Settings Updates

The EA Pip Scalper developer team has released some new updated settings for MT5 which is definitely worth checking out and testing on your MetaTrader setup! Unfortunately they have not yet released any updated MT4 settings, so feel free to email them and ask them about that, but in the meantime I have posted my MT4 settings below.

Please TEST any of these settings that you intend to use on your own setup first. Take note of the risk settings and make sure that you are not taking on too much risk. There are differences between brokers, the data points they use, your own MetaTrader setup etc., so test on a demo account and make sure that these settings work for you before risking any money. Of course, as always, remember that past performance is not an indicator of future success and never risk money trading that you cannot afford to lose, lastly, we’re not financial advisors, these are our own opinions, not financial advice.

When you go to the eapipscalper.com website, you will notice a new panel that looks like this:

ea pip scalper


There are different reports that you can go view, which will not just show you the EA Pip Scalper performance results, in detail, but also give you access to download the settings files, which should give you the same results. That’s pretty awesome!

Here’s an example:

ea pip scalper results


These settings are all for MT5, if you’re using MT4, then you’re welcome to try out the settings below for the EURUSD 1 Hour timeframe. They are not fully optimized, and it relies on a high risk setting to achieve these results, but you are more than welcome to use this as a base to improve the settings for your own use. This is what the results look like:

ea pip scalper results mt4 test settiings

NEW EA VERSION EA Pip Scalper v1.1.0 HERE:

The developers have issues a new version of the EA PIP SCALPER, please read their update and instructions – HERE.

You can get the MT4 settings file by clicking HERE – With the latest update from Tradomart.com I suggest you first test their updated settings. Remember that this setting file needs to be loaded for the Strategy Tester in MetaTrader 4, and if you want to load these settings into the EA Pip Scalper to use for trading, you will need to load those settings separately. From what I’ve seen it is not automatically transferred over. Use your own discretion and set the risk factors appropriately and do proper testing on a demo account first.

I think it’s great that the developers have released updated settings for MT5, as they promised they would, and as soon as they have new settings for MT4, I will post those updates here for you!