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Personal Finance
Disney is giving us Baby Yoda toys for Christmas

You can now preorder a plush toy of the breakout star of “The Mandalorian” on Disney+ from Walmart and Disney.com.

Want to really improve someone’s life? Buy them a gift that helps them unplug

Purchase a weekend escape secluded from deadlines and the distraction of social media and electronics.

Everything you wanted to know about buying (the right) gifts for your parents

Rule No. 1: Don’t buy them something to remind them of their age.

Want to buy the perfect gift this holiday season? Take Warren Buffett’s advice

It may seem out of the ordinary, but the Oracle of Omaha says this is the best present to purchase for the holidays.

Are you cheap if you split the check by only paying for what you ordered?

‘I see now there are pitfalls I didn’t anticipate. What’s the appropriate etiquette for dealing with such a scenario?’

‘I am planning on retaining a lawyer’ — My mom left her entire estate to my stepfather, so how can I claim what is rightfully mine?

‘Even if you break bread on Thanksgiving and have known each other for most of your lives, you are not considered his child under the eyes of the law.’

Fewer Americans are donating to charity — and it may have nothing to do with money

Some 20 million fewer households donate to charity than they did two decades ago.

While tax rates are still relatively low, consider this move for your company stock options

One way to get some insurance against future tax-rate increases.

Here’s how to prevent ‘porch pirates’ this holiday season

Some 58% of victims plan to change their online-shopping habits during the holidays because of package-theft risk.

This is exactly how much money you should give to charity on Giving Tuesday

Here’s why your contribution on Giving Tuesday doesn’t necessarily need to be monetary.

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AT&T says it was ‘required by law’ to turn over the call records featured in the House Intelligence impeachment report

A spokesman for the telecom giant says the company ensures that such requests for data are valid before releasing information about calls and text messages.

Democrats charge in impeachment report that Trump abused powers for political gain

House Democrats charged on Tuesday that Donald Trump abused the powers of his office for his own political gain, laying out a case against the Republican president in a 300-page impeachment report.

‘I’m not a billionaire’: Kamala Harris receives internet consolation after dropping out of presidential race

Kamala Harris, presidential candidate, is no more.

What Democrats can do with the money left over from their failed 2020 presidential runs

Democratic presidential hopefuls keep dropping out of the battle for the party’s nomination, with Kamala Harris the latest to exit. Every departure triggers a big financial question: What to do with the money remaining from the failed campaign?

House Intelligence Committee’s Trump impeachment report: full text

Here’s the full text of the House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment-inquiry report on President Trump and Ukraine.

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